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A Group of Witches Is Called a Nag (Funtime Answers)

I am endlessly fascinated by the weird words we use to describe a group of animals.  Some of these I knew beforehand, but the rest I got from a delightful webpage called 172 Unusual Names for Groups of Animals, where Ariion Kathleen Brindley also informed me that a group of husbands is called a couch, and a group of wives is called a nag.  Who knew?

As for last night’s mix-n-match, here’s how they all go together:

  1. A flamboyance of flamingos
  2. A horde of hamsters
  3. A tower of giraffes
  4. A clowder of cats
  5. An obstinacy of buffalo
  6. A sett of badgers
  7. A murder of crows
  8. A bloat of hippopotami
  9. A smack of jellyfish
  10. A grin of opossums
This would be a horde of dancing hamsters


And this is a Flamboyance!

Flamingo photo by Jason Pratt, via Wikimedia commons

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4 replies on “A Group of Witches Is Called a Nag (Funtime Answers)”

A horde of hamsters? I just feel like a horde should be larger than any group of hamsters could ever possibly be.

Also, I think clowder is made-up. The word just wants to be ‘chowder’ so much, who are we to deny it? (my spellcheck agrees)

And if I were a hippo, I’d be offended, frankly. :) But I’d still have the nicest tutu of the group/bloat.

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