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Being Human UK Recap 3.02 “Adam’s Family”

A new vampire is in town and George and Nina have to babysit. Annie decides to be Mitchell’s guardian angel with mixed results and Mitchell is given a Get Out Of Town Free card… but will he take it?

A son tells his father that he doesn’t know why they have to move. Dad tells the son, Adam, that it’s all for him, they don’t want to move either. They don’t blame him, but people are asking questions. Adam starts to head for his mom, saying he’s hungry, but Dad says he’ll do it this time and unbuttons the top button on his shirt. Adam’s a vampire, guys!

At the house, Nina checks in with Annie, asks how she’s feeling, but Annie’s not wanting to talk about her time in purgatory at all. Mitchell’s got an interview for a cleaning job at the hospital that afternoon and Annie wants to make him some pancakes to build his stregnth. Mitchell tells her that he didn’t bring her back so she can cook. He missed her; they all missed her, he quickly adds. Annie wants to go with him on the interview; she’s his guardian angel now, she says. At the hospital, Nina goes into a patient room and finds Adam, the boy from before, munching on said patient. George and Nina run after him and Nina corners him as he finds a dead end. He throws a dog-related insult her way and says he’s not just a naughty kid and Nina agrees he’s a bit past that.

At Mitchell’s interview, he’s a little nervous and Annie is both helping and hindering. More of the hindering, though. Mitchell looks like he’s talking to himself. She’s not being a great guardian angel yet. George and Nina pull Adam into another room. He was feeding from his dad, who’s a lot older than we last saw him because Adam’s 46 now. Nina thinks they need to take him back to the house, have Mitchell watch him until his dad recovers, but George doesn’t think it’s a great idea. It’s the only thing, though, so George takes him home. As Mitchell heads home, a man approaches him, telling him he’s a hard man to find. Richard Hargreaves, carpet exporter by day, there on behalf of the Old Ones. Hargreaves tells Mitchell to come with him, they need to discuss the Box Tunnel 20.

At home, Adam says the place looks like a shithole and then crudely hits on Annie. George sends him upstairs and tells Annie not to ask. George shows Adam to a room for him.

Hargreaves walks with Mitchell near a train yard and lectures him about the ramifications of his actions. It’s the biggest manhunt in a century, he put them all at risk. The Old Ones want Mitchell to join them in South America and Hargreaves has arranged for him to travel with his next carpet shipment. Mitchell doesn’t want to go because he knows he won’t come back.

Mitchell comes home and doesn’t think he can help the kid. Staying clean for him is a minute by minute thing, Adam could make him worse. Adam comes down and offers a fist bump to Mitchell, offering to be his new wingman as the young looking 46-year-old is a “registered poon hound.” George asks Adam if he’s even actually ever touched a boob, let alone had sex with a woman before flouncing off. Mitchell still doesn’t want Adam anywhere near him. Adam explains that no one’s ever taught him how to do this. Annie interrupts to tell Mitchell about phase two of her Get Mitchell a Job plan. He’s not interested. George comes down to look for Adam. Nina’s called from the hospital. Adam’s dad has taken a turn for the worse, but he’s been asking for Adam.

Adam comes to see his dad, who is concerned that he’d fed and that someone is looking after him. Adam tells his dad that they (meaning his parents) gave him too much. “What else could we do?” his dad replies and tells him that he was always their little boy. Adam begs his dad not to leave him, that he’s scared, but a door opens. Adam’s dad stands at it and says he doesn’t know before passing through. As George and Nina let Adam mourn privately, George is concerned: “Adam hasn’t just lost his dad, he’s lost his food supply.” And sure enough, Adam’s bolted out the window and set to stalking some girls heading to a casino. George and Nina somehow manage to follow him there and then manage to catch him as he’s taking one of the girls away to feed on her. I guess we’ll chalk it up to their extra-awesome sense of smell.

At home, Mitchell excuses Adam by explaining that he just needed to feed, but he still can’t have the kid in the house. After a pause, Mitchell says that maybe Hargreaves can help them. George and Nina take the really weak seeming Adam to a large creepy house to meet with Hargreaves. A woman answers the door and says, “This must be Adam,” welcoming him in before tells the two werewolves to wipe their feet. Hargreaves and his wife feed Adam up with some blood, but George and Nina have to put some paper down before they can sit on the couches. Hargreaves shows George and Nina their set up: they’ve got a guy in a gimp mask happily chained in the basement that they feed on. Hargreaves even takes him out for play and tickle time. He’s number seven. Numbers 1-6 are buried in their garden. Seven speaks up for himself. He had everything on paper, but still felt ordinary. He volunteered for this; with the Hargreaves, he feels special.

Mitchell drowns his sorrows as he watches TV and suddenly there’s a report just for him, all about the wolf-shaped bullet that’s headed his way. He walks away, but it does get to him. George and Nina arrive home and discuss the extreme cleanliness and huge TV of the Hargreaves. Also the fact that they’re filthy, racist assholes. They don’t want Adam to be with those terrible people and head back there. Annie pops upstairs to let Mitchell know he missed a call. He doesn’t think it’ll be good, but because of Annie’s recommendation, he’s still being offered the job. Annie is ecstatic but Mitchell is conflicted. He grabs the passport pack that Hargreaves gave him and leaves.

At the Hargreaves, wife Emma has dressed up Adam nicely in one of Number Two’s suits. She shows him into a room where there are lots of vampires feeding and people being fed on. Adam’s overwhelmed, though, and Emma takes him upstairs for a more private party. George and Nina arrive and head up to look for Adam. In the upstairs room, the pool table is covered in plastic and Hargreaves announces that Number Seven’s time has arrived. Adam will drink him dry. George and Nina look around and George looks into the first room, asking Nina to gouge out his eyes later at what he saw. They hear cries of “Drink! Drink!” upstairs and Nina grabs a golf club for a weapon as George grabs a plant. They burst in and Hargreaves lectures them on their “blunt morality,” suggesting they leave the decision up to Adam. Adam chooses George and Nina. Hargreaves goes to attack George, but is stopped by his Star of David. He tells Adam that they are not his people and Adam says, “Tell it to someone who gives a shit.” George and Nina take Adam away.

Annie and Mitchell take a walk along the water front. Mitchell tells her to chill with the helping him. “You can’t base your life on other people, they may not always be there.” Annie doesn’t understand how something changed in a day. “What do you think I came back for? To a world where I can’t be seen or heard or touched? All I have is you, and Nina and George. You are my life,” she explains.

At home, George says they’ll pass Adam off as his brother for now. Eventually, he’ll become their son. Mitchell is upset that Adam’s back, but Nina explains what the place was like. Adam says he can’t let them do this like his parents did, though, wants a chance to try and take care of himself. Mitchell opens up the envelope and gives the cash to Adam, telling him not to ask where it came from. Adam asks how he’ll fight off the cravings. “You surround yourself with good people,” Mitchell explains. People better than he is. People like the ones Mitchell has. The next day, Nina and George wait with Adam at the station and Nina asks him to keep in touch. As Nina and George leave, the same girl from the day before is at the station, too. She wants to finish where they left off yesterday, but Adam turns her down. Nina and George watch this from afar and George remarks “I think he’s going to be okay.” “I think we all are,” Nina replies.

In the mortuary, though, a bloody hand hits the window.

I think it’s interesting that no one points out that Mitchell essentially condemns Bernie and his mother (from season 1) to a similar fate as the one that Adam has played out with his parents. It might be a secondary motivation for Mitchell’s reticence at having Adam in the house, but I wish someone had made some mention of it. After having such touching moments together last episode, Mitchell and Annie seem to be mutually pulling away from each other, though, which I’m not sure that I like.

The dynamic between George, Nina and Adam is interesting, as well. From reluctant surrogates to crusading protectors, they quickly bond with the man-child, despite his perviness. I wonder where this might be going.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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This was a good episode but there were two thinga that really bothered me.

1) As you said, no mention was made of Bernie’s fate in season 1. I still wonder what happened to Bernie and his mum. When I watched that episode I remember feeling so sad that Mitchell offered to turn Bernie. It seemed clear that consigning him to life in a child’s body was truly awful. Think “Claudia” in Interview with the Vampire and that boy vamp in Near Dark.

2) I found Adam’s greasiness very distracting. Every time he appeared onscreen I fervently wished someone would dunk him in a hot bath and wash out that greasy hair. I understood how he could get into such a state but that no one thought to give him a good wash remains a mystery.

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