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Being Human UK Recap 3.03 “Type 4”

There’s another dead girl in town, but she’s a rotting zombie instead of a nice, clean ghost like Annie. Also, Nina’s got some unsettling news and Mitchell’s got a stalker.

Two weeks ago: A girl named Sasha is brought into the ER in very bad condition. She dies on the table and is brought down to the mortuary. As the tech is about to begin the autopsy, Sasha sits up and yells at him, “What the bloody hell d’ya think you’re doing?”

At the house, George heads to the bathroom in the middle of the night and Mitchell interrupts to ask where Annie is. Oh, Mitchell, you and your timing. Mitchell is worried that Annie fancies him and George is glad that he finally realized.

Annie is actually strolling down the nightclub streets where she finds a girl who was just kicked out of a club. The girl turns around and her face is all bloody. It’s Sasha, and she can see Annie.

George suspects that Annie could be good for Mitchell and gives him a pep talk about asking her out. Mitchell wonders how that would even work. Annie pops in and expliains that there’s a dead woman chasing her. As Sasha starts pounding on the door, George laments that he just got up for a pee. Sasha isn’t a ghost, though, George can smell her and she’s rank. When they think she’s gone, Mitchell opens the door slightly and she screams through the crack. George opens the window shade and Sasha vomits blood on the window. Mitchell says they have to let her in; the “shouting, pissed corpse” might draw a little bit of attention. Sasha sits down on the stoop to cry (still loudly) and Annie invites her in for some tea. Upstairs, the smell wakes Nina. Sasha requests some straighteners and George updates Nina on the situation as they get hers. As she gets introduced to the roommates, Sasha hits on Mitchell heavily (to Annie’s consternation). Sasha explains that she was in a car accident: texting while driving. And she doesn’t really realize that she’s dead.

Mitchell points out that the mortuary’s been off limits for a couple weeks because of a gas leak. George realizes they’ve been hiding a zombie. At least she’s not eating their brains, they gather. Mitchell says she’s the hospital’s problem. They need to take her back. Nina thinks Annie won’t necessarily agree, though. Nina is bonding with Sasha as the zombie girl starts asking what Mitchell’s story is. Annie says’s he’s her boyfriend. Nina calls her into the kitchen and Annie says that Sasha has to GO. George leaves it to Mitchell and Annie to get Sasha back to the hospital. After looking at the toe tag (that Annie retrieved from Sasha’s shoe), Mitchell finds something off about the date and suggests that he and Annie pay a visit to the mortuary first.

Upstairs, George finally gets that long-awaited pee. As he washes his hands, he notices a pregnancy test in the trash. He confronts Nina about it and asks when she was going to tell him. She confirms that she’s pregnant and he protests that she’s on the pill. She points out that the pill isn’t exactly made for werewolves. She took three tests, it’s true. She’s planning on an abortion, though, because they have no idea what it could be. George gets indignant at the thought that she wasn’t going to consult him and she throws him out of the bedroom. “I only got up for a pee,” George laments.

At the hospital, Mitchell breaks into the mortuary and Annie sees a trail of blood from one of the lockers. As they find more gruesomeness around, Annie reminds herself that she’s already dead. Mitchell finds a video camera and notebook and thinks it wasn’t just Sasha; there were three others who all came back to life at the same time. Mitchell thinks they were testing on them and the footage is gross. Anesthetic ineffective, but they autospied anyway. They burnt them afterwards, they think. Annie is hurt on behalf of the fellow dead that were in pain and pops back to the house to cover a sleeping Sasha with a blanket.

As Mitchell has a smoke outside, someone approaches him, thinking he’d be taller. Graham, a fellow vampire. Mitchell asks if he can help with anything and Graham says he’s a bit of a fanboy, visiting all the vampire legends across the world. He especially likes what Mitchell did in Bristol. Mitchell perks up, but Graham just means getting the family to renounce blood. Graham says it’s been a privilege, as Mitchell finds an excuse to leave.

In the house, Sasha wakes up screaming. “Hungover?” Annie guesses. Annie says they know about the others and the experiments. She tells Sasha that they’re all a bit different and explains what everyone is. Sasha laughs. George wakes up at the smell, pissed that Sasha is still there. He goes to wake Mitchell, who explains that there have been developments. Nina comes in to ask the same thing. Annie and Mitchell explain what they found and that Sasha has nowhere else to go. Downstairs, Sasha tearfully overhears their heated discussion. Mitchell reveals that they all came back when Mitchell was on the other side, spirits couldn’t pass over because of that. They owe her. Annie heads downstairs to find that Sasha is gone.

At the hospital, Mitchell is on a phone call and sees Graham pass by. Graham has a Mitchell-esque haircut and got a job as a porter just like Mitchell. Graham tells Mitchell that Cara says hello. Mitchell stops him, asks where she is. Graham says she’s “digging up trouble somewhere.”

Annie finds Sasha standing in front of her home, a large estate. They enter the house where a man is playing Wii. Sasha yells at him for his “mourning,” but as he backs away, he explains that they had a wake, big party, she would have liked it. She goes for a hug, but the man shoves a trophy through her. After he runs off, Annie pulls it out, leaving a large hole. Sasha sits down and finally admits that she’s dead. Annie points out that people can see and hear her, though, and Sasha finally believes that Annie’s a ghost. Sasha points out that Annie is still beautiful, like people always remember the dead as they were at their nicest, never like Sasha is, rotting. She says she can feel the rotting inside her. Annie says they’ll find a way to help her.

At home, George comes to speak to Nina. He apologizes for them not being normal. He wishes they could just be having a regular discussion about the pros and cons of unwanted pregnancy and Nina explains that it’s not just the wolf complication; she’s got other stuff going around in her head. She explains that her mum was abusive, both physically and emotionally, telling her she was a mistake. George asks why she never told him about it before, and she says there wasn’t a good time. “This thing inside me, whatever it is, it’s a baby. And I will become a mother and that terrifies me more than any werewolf bullshit.” George tells her that she is strong and beautiful and not in this alone, but that’s not enough for Nina.

In a mood whiplash, INXS plays as Sasha gets ready for a night out, Annie’s idea to take her mind off being, you know, dead. Annie explains this to Mitchell as she makes tea for “Mitchell’s old friend,” Graham, who has been telling Annie about the time they went skiing. Dude, Graham is all Single White Vampire on Mitchell and Mitchell is about to expose him, but Graham drops a hint that he knows about the Box Tunnel. Mitchell laughs and offers Graham the tour, taking him down to the cellar and warning him off. Graham wants to move in and threatens to tell Annie about the train if Mitchell doesn’t let him continue his creepiness. He’s totally taken on Mitchell’s whole loo;k leather jacket, fingerless gloves.

Upstairs, Annie uses some glue and plaster to make Sasha up and I’m totally reminded of Death Becomes Her. Nina’s gotten dolled up for the girl’s night, too. She assures George that she’s being DD, tonight. Sasha looks more presentable. A little less dead. As the girls leave, George suggests that he and Mitchell get pissed, which Mitchell thinks is a genius idea.

At the club, Sasha shows Annie and Nina how to pull and dances over to a guy. Nina does not think this is healthy and Annie pulls Nina onto the dance floor.

At home, Mitchell worries that they’re not back yet, but George reminds him that they’re all adults, and two of them are dead. Mitchell is finally coming to terms with his feelings: he’s terrified to lose her again. George says that their friendsip could become something even better.

Sasha makes out with a guy in a corner and the guy stops as a friend comes up and slips him some money. She realizes she was a bet and walks over to a mirror. As she walk, her foot breaks. She hobbles out of the room and Annie and Nina follow her as she collapses. She rush her home. They realize that she’s still decaying. None of the others lived long enough to get to that point. As Sasha is bedridden, Annie wants to take her out for lunch; she doesn’t think her “condition” should be an issue. Mitchell hugs her, consoling her. Later, in the kitchen, Graham is talking to Annie and giving her a neckrub as Mitchell comes home. Mitchell grabs him and pulls him out of the room, out of the house, telling him that they are DONE. Graham threatens to tell again and Mitchell says he’s going to tell them himself. Mitchell tells Graham off, telling him he is nothing, and heads back inside. Annie and Nina sit vigil as Sasha lays in bed. She asks Annie not to let them take her, to promise they’ll bury her. Annie does.

At the hospital, Mitchell is working as George says that he saw Mitchell’s friend Graham, who was acting weird, saying he was going to make Mitchell proud and stuff. Mitchell laughs it off as a joke, but looks through Graham’s locker after George leaves. He finds a book all about the Box Tunnel killing and in it, a Barry Island train schedule marked for today. Mitchell runs to catch Graham, who’s dressed totally goth on the train. Graham stands, but Mitchell is there to stop him. Mitchell tells him not to do this; the hard part is not doing it and Mitchell’s regretted it ever since. Graham says maybe he’ll start with the children. He explains that he killed his own. Nothing’s been real since then. Graham says he wants to be the new legend. As Graham stands again, Mitchell choke holds him and pulls him into the space between cars. Graham threatens to find another train if Mitchell doesn’t kill him. He didn’t kill Cara, so he knows Mitchell doesn’t kill other vampires. Mitchell says the story has to end and stakes the stalker. As he dies, Graham begs Mitchell to tell him that he likes him. Mitchell nods as the creeper turns to dust.

At home, Nina and Annie sit with Sasha still. Sasha wishes that she’d done more, stayed out more, lived more, loved more. They talked about having a baby, kept putting it off, buying other things. “What does any of that matter now?” Sasha thanks Annie for being her friend and passes on. Next to the bed, a beautiful ghost Sasha appears and heads through her door. “Live, Annie, seize the day,” she says before she passes through. Nina goes to see George and lets him know that Sasha’s gone. She asks George if he’d like to have a little hairy baby with her. Tearfully, George says that he would.

Downstairs, Mitchell comes home and Annie asks if he’s okay. He says that he’s not and that he needs to tell her something. He explains that he’s done terrible things and he needs to tell her. Annie says he doesn’t; she knows what he is. Everything is in the past, it’s who he is now that counts. She trusts the man that’s done great things for her and George and Nina, that’s who she wants. He asks if she forgives him and she responds with a kiss.

So, yay! Annie and Mitchell! Finally! And with one of the sweetest kisses I’ve ever seen on a television show. It’s amazing that actors like Aiden Turner and Lenora Crichlow can imbue so much emotion and subtext without words.

As much as I liked the introduction of new characters last week, I’m kind of glad that it appears to be over (in the previews, we’re going back to the werewolf father and son next week), as it was becoming a bit too formulaic: new character introduced, grates on roommates, grows on them and it’s sad when they leave and they’ve all learned a very important lesson about acceptance afterwards.

On a personal note, I knew that the George/Nina pregnancy subplot was coming, but hadn’t been spoiled as to Nina’s misgivings about it. The scene where she explains her past to George was really difficult for me to watch because of my own past experience with maternal emotional abuse and my own worries about what kind of mother I’ll make. While I can understand that a 6-9 episode TV series can’t really go into the years of therapy that it actually takes to resolve issues like that (and from the way Nina speaks, it doesn’t seem she’s tried to tackle them before), I can’t help but envy the supernatural lifestyle that would make that decades long process become distilled into one emotional deathbed scene.

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