Cheese and Diggles

A few weeks ago, Dungeon of Dredmor got released on Steam. There is a good chance you never heard of the game, which is normal since it didn’t really receive a lot of advertising and, well, it’s an indie game. So, I got my hands on DoD, and for $5 I didn’t really care if it ended up an atrocious experience.

DoD is a roguelike game, basically a game with a lot of random labyrinthine levels filled with lots of monsters and more loot than what a full city of millions will need to survive. Roguelike combat is typically turn-based as well and Dredmor doesn’t escape it. These type of games are usually quite challenging and permadeath is usually the main type of “death penalty.” DoD is a bit more casual though, it offers three difficulty levels and you can disable permadeath if you wish. I don’t, for the record, it’s not really the type of game that you want to finish (it’s more about dying in horrible ways). These games usually have simple stories as well, actually I think they all have the same story: kill the boss at the end of the last level.  In this case: Dredmor.


Dredmor Start
A new beginning

While the story is simple, it’s not the point of the game. Roguelike games are more about killing things and looting stuff. In Dredmor, you still have a good laugh here and there too. First, everything is coated with a large dose of humor, from skills to item names and monsters. It also has something for cheeses (like cheddar and Brie). In fact, it’s the first game where I have been able to “craft” a grilled cheese. It was delicious, too. The dungeons have items/food/drinks distributors as well, in case you run out of looted items, and lots of various monsters. Also, it relies a lot on the player trying things on her own and deciding if it was worth it or not.  There is a well-done tutorial that explains the basic of the gameplay as well, but most features will need to be discovered while playing.

Feature-wise, Dredmor has lots of different skill “lines” to choose from (you can only have sevem in one character) and an extensive crafting system. All the skills have abilities tied to them, and some are rather funny in their presentation. You can be anything, from a dashing vampire rogue with a fedora to a trap maker that likes to throw softballs. There is a lot of variety among the skills which allows for various playstyle.

In your adventure, you will find a lot of items. Most of which you will sell to the vendors, but others will be useful if you want to craft items. You can craft pretty much everything in the game: food, potions, weapons, armor and more crafting parts. Crafting requires schematic which you can find in shelves in the dungeon and an crafting apparatus. The system is quite easy to use and can be a life saver when you run out of bolts for your crossbow.

Dredmor Dead
This will happen often.

So far (I haven’t killed Dredmor yet), the game has been a good timekiller for the price. It’s the prettiest roguelike I’ve played and the one with the best music and sound FX. I suggest it to everybody who like roguelike games or people who don’t mind using Steam for a good mindless timekiller game (well, not that mindless, it does require some thinking here and there).

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