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I wait for new books the way other people wait for new movies, so you can imagine how excited I was to see that the new Dresden book is coming out at the end of the month; July 26th to be exact.  Book 12, Changes, ended with the mother of all cliffhangers and I have been speculating since last April about what happens next.

If you have never read the Dresden Files, they are an interesting blend of fantasy and mystery.  The main character, Harry Dresden, is a professional wizard (seriously, that’s how he’s listed in the phone book) who has turned into something of a supernatural private investigator.  It’s like film noir with fireballs.  The first book or two in the series were a little hard to get through.  Jim Butcher, the author, has a goofy sense of humor but it took a few books to really come out.  In Storm Front and Fool Moon, books 1 and 2 respectively, Harry just gets hit with bad things over and over again until he finally wins in the end.  In Grave Peril, book 3, Butcher starts to get a more readable rhythm where there are lighter moments throughout the story to make it easier on the reader (and Harry).  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of nasty shit happens to Harry, but it’s nice to see the things that make him happy too.

If you do follow the series, here’s a refresher:  At the end of Changes, Harry has lost his office, his home and his car.  He destroyed the entire Red Court of vampires, theoretically ending the Wizard War, but killed Susan in the process.  To do this, he took up the mantle of Winter Knight.  And he finally asked Murphy on a real date, but just before she is supposed to pick him up he gets shot and falls into Lake Michigan.  End book.  I have three or four theories about who shot him and why.  The most obvious candidate for shooter is Kincaid, because he told Harry he would shoot him sniper-style if he ever thought he had to.  My strongest theory about motive is to get him out of being the Winter Knight, since the mantle passes at the moment of death.  Maybe Ivy knows of a reason why Harry can’t be Winter Knight?  I don’t know.  I had managed to put it out of my mind for the last year, but after I found out that I’m only a few weeks away from finding out what happens next I am back in fevered speculation mode.  My step-father read a sneak-peek of the first chapter and it looks like Ghost Story takes place in some sort of limbo where Mostly Dead Harry has to solve a new mystery “to save his friends – and his own soul” (cue ominous music).***

So, are there any fellow Dresden fans out there?  Do you have any theories about Who Shot HD?  Or why?  Speculate with me, it’ll be fun :)

*** Image and quote (minus the ominous music) from Amazon.

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I freaking love The Dresden Files! I’m about halfway through Side Jobs and I cannot wait for Ghost Story to be available.

I haven’t speculated as to who shot Harry because – and this may sound odd – I don’t want anything to spoil the reveal. I want to be totally surprised when I read Ghost Story.

Also, I really need to know that Mister is ok and is living happily with Murphy.

It’s a rare occasion when I have no speculation in a whodunnit, but I’m at a loss. I think your theory about Kincaide is solid, but I think Butcher would be more apt to give Harry and Kincaide a serious show-down. I’m tempted to think that the crime boss (Marcone?) is involved, but I’m not sure how.

If you haven’t read Side Jobs, there’s one story in it that is directly after the boat incident and told from Murphy’s POV. It gives no indications of what happened to Harry, but it’s kind of a bittersweet story.

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