Even More Politicians Making Funny Faces

Everyone seems to be hot and cranky this week. I thought I’d lighten the mood with another edition of politicians making funny faces, since the last one was so popular.

As I mentioned last time, Vice President Joe Biden is pretty much the king of funny faces in American politics. Here‘s one of my favorites.

vice president joe biden with a crooked half-smile that shows a lot of teeth and holding both index fingers up in the air

I’m a big fan of this shot of British Prime Minister David Cameron wishing England’s cricket team well.

prime minister david cameron with furrowed eyebrows and tight lips holiding his hand up sideways in front of him, palm facing toward him

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says, “Talk to the hand.”

president nicolas sarkozy with an anxious look on his face holding up his right hand, palm facing out as if saying stop
German Chancellor Angela Merkel got a lot of press over this cleavage-baring dress, but I’m more impressed by her “Bitch, please!” side-eye action.

chancellor angela merkel wearing a very low cut black dress speaking with a man with short black hair who's wearing a tuxedo, and she's giving him a serious side-eye look

This photo of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with two of his foster kittens is hilariously unsettling, even though he sports the same wooden expression as always. Proof that even kittens can’t fix every picture.

prime minister stephen harper sitting on a couch holding an orange kitten in his lap while a gray and black kitten jumps on his shoulder

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite picture ever of President Obama. Technically this is cheating because it’s more of a silly situation than a funny face. But here’s a picture of him wielding a lightsaber. (And yes, it’s real, not photoshopped.)

president obama wearing a shirt and tie holding out a blue lightsaber like he is about to duel someone while a woman stands in the background laughing
The Force is strong with this one.

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