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Funtime Open Thread, Now With Honey Badger

Tonight’s trivia is of the mix-n-match variety. We’re doing groups of animals, as in “a group of cows is called a herd,” and the group names I like are so weird that I decided to give you a list of possibilities to give you a fighting chance.

So, here are the groups:

  1. Flamboyance
  2. Horde
  3. Tower
  4. Clowder
  5. Obstinacy
  6. Sett
  7. Murder
  8. Bloat
  9. Smack
  10. Grin

And the animals:

  • A.  Cats
  • B.  Giraffes
  • C.  Crows
  • D.  Jellyfish
  • E.  Hamsters
  • F.  Flamingos
  • G.  Hippopotami
  • H.  Opossums
  • I.  Badgers
  • J.  Buffalo

And to inspire the night’s comments, just remember – Honey Badger don’t give a s#!t.

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6 replies on “Funtime Open Thread, Now With Honey Badger”

A. Cats – Horde
B. Giraffes – Tower
C. Crows – Murder
D. Jellyfish – Bloat
E. Hamsters – Smack
F. Flamingos – Flamboyance
G. Hippopotami – Clowder
H. Opossums – Obstinacy
I. Badgers – Grin
J. Buffalo – Sett

This is insane. Why have different names for a group of animals. Is a pack of badgers really that different than a pack of opossums (besides the fact that the latter TERRIFY me)? No. Some scholarly dudes really needed to use their time better…

1. Flamboyance – Flamingoes
2. Horde – Hamsters?
3. Tower – Giraffes! Well I hope so anyway because that’s awesome.
4. Clowder – Cats
5. Obstinacy – Buffalo?
6. Sett – Badgers (Does anyone remember the book The Cold Moons?)
7. Murder – Crows
8. Bloat – Jellyfish?
9. Smack – Hippopotami?
10. Grin – Opossums?

Murder of Crows. Obstinancy of Cats. Sett of Badgers. Bloat of Jellyfish? Flamboyance of Flamingos? The rest I don’t know…. but I do love An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton, which you must have read or must read if you haven’t. Not read exactly, but page through. Til you find a Flatulence of Basoonists and can’t go any farther from giggles.

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