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Haven: Episode 2.2 “Fear and Loathing”

We open at the Chief’s memorial service, where Nathan is speaking. Duke is not among those in attendance (too many cops in one place). Instead, he’s at the grocery store, where people are seeing all sorts of terrifying things like burn victims, mad dogs, and dead husbands fresh out of the grave. Duke sees a masked man with the tattoo he’s been worrying about.

After the credits, Audrey and Fraudrey (awesome nickname, though maybe it should be the other way around?) order drinks ““ the same for both, of course. Audrey thanks Fraudrey for not turning her in. Fraudrey decides they have to find Audrey’s Agent Howard to get answers. Nathan comes up to them and Audrey notices his hand is bleeding. He says he can feel things now.

At the grocery store, the cops (Fraudrey included, I suppose) question people, who all report seeing different scary things. Duke says he feels cursed. Nathan smugly says curses can be lifted, and shares his news with Duke. Duke politely offers to find him a couple of women, professionals if necessary. That’s”¦ sweet? I guess? Inside the store, they find no physical evidence of the things people reported seeing. Nathan heads back to the office to look up similar cases involving hallucinations. Fraudrey is still sure there’s a reasonable explanation.

The Audreys are called to the bus station, where people are screaming and fleeing in terror, although it’s unclear what they’re fleeing from, exactly. Dave  ““ who’s there for lunch with his brother ““ peeks out from his hiding place and sees Lucy Ripley standing in the middle of the chaos.

Elsewhere, a dude named Ian is trying to get Duke to help him get out of town. Duke isn’t interested, especially after Ian breaks some boat equipment. Ian says he’ll come back later. Apparently Duke is either terrible at saying no, or everyone around him just sucks at getting it. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Back at the bus depot, Fraudrey spots a terrifying clown. (I’m not even gonna lie: I’ve been dreading that clown in the promos for months. Glad that’s over.) Audrey goes to help a man who’s having a heart attack (she sees the clown, too, but manages to keep it together for some reason), but Fraudrey gets the hell out of Dodge. So heart attack guy is going to be fine. Once the scene has calmed down a bit, Audrey concludes that people are seeing their worst fears come to life. The cops wonder where the girl who’s causing it has been all this time.

Ian returns to Duke, this time with a wad of cash. Fraudrey shows up and tells Duke the tattooed man he saw wasn’t real. She asks Duke about Audrey’s Agent Howard, since he spent some time on Duke’s boat while he was in town. Duke agrees to show her security cam footage from that day. Audrey brings Nathan the sketch of the woman from the bus station. Finding her is a long shot since no one actually saw her while they were busy freaking out. They realize a kid at the grocery store was there looking for his girlfriend too and conclude she’s the girl they’re looking for. Meanwhile, Duke’s pulled up marina footage for Fraudrey. We see Agent Howard having a nice long chat with the Chief. If only the recording had audio.

Nathan and Audrey go looking for the kid’s girlfriend, Jackie. Nathan is still tripping out over his lifted curse. He hopes Audrey doesn’t feel weird that her touch was the first thing he felt. She’s all, “Weird? Why would I feel weird?”

At Jackie’s house, he boyfriend Brian is determined to talk to her. She answers the door dressed like the Unabomber, and desperately tries to get him to leave. He pushes his way inside, and then we hear him screaming.

Nathan and Audrey arrive at Jackie’s house. They go in, guns drawn, to find Brian holding a knife. Poor Brian mistook Jackie for an intruder when the terror kicked in. He tells them Jackie started having problems after her dad died. She broke up with Brian, but they recently got back together. His tale is interrupted by a woman screaming outside. They run over to the neighbor’s house to find a woman named Mrs. McCarthy claiming there’s a “madman” in her house. Inside her house, they find blood and Jackie trying to clean her wounds at the kitchen sink. Nathan is incapacitated ““ although we don’t see what’s scaring him ““ but Audrey is able to stop Jackie from running away again.

At the station, Jackie tells them her trouble started up after her father died. She left town, but then she was attacked in Bangor and it started up again. Brian comes in ““ Jackie covers her eyes to keep him safe ““ and says he still loves her. Fraudrey tells Audrey she’s checked the Chief’s phone records and found a 20-minute phone call made the day Howard was in town, and is now trying to trace the call. Audrey asks Fraudrey to tell her first before doing anything.

Back to the case at hand: Audrey thinks whoever cut Nathan that morning ““ and Jackie when she was attacked in Bangor ““ has the ability to take on other people’s abilities when he touches their blood. They can’t imagine, though, who would willingly take on Nathan’s inability to feel. Why, it’s Ian, and he’s using this new ability to break inside a museum. He quickly finds what he’s looking for and breaks the display case. I get that it’s a small town, but alarms, have you none?

When Nathan and Audrey arrive at the museum, they learn that the perimeter alarms weren’t set off, but a children’s puzzle has still gone missing. They wonder what a thief would want with it, like there’s any way in hell a children’s puzzle is just a children’s puzzle in Haven. Elsewhere, said thief inserts a piece in said puzzle, and a real building in town crumbles to the ground.

The next day, Audrey and Nathan examine the charred remains of the building. They find a pair of eyeglasses and realize people were inside when the building (instantly, from the looks of it) burned down. Dave conveniently shows up to tells them about Tristram Carver, an 18th century indentured servant who made the puzzle and imbued it with his hatred of the town. After the Carvers died out 50 years ago, the puzzle was locked up and the pieces scattered.

Ian shows up at Duke’s boat again (like damn, couldn’t he have walked to Canada by now?). Duke notices that Ian has no sensation in his hand and tells him he has to go buy a replacement part for the boat before they can leave. Audrey and Nathan have determined that the thief used Jackie’s power to steal the puzzle pieces, collecting them while everyone was busy freaking out, and Nathan’s ability to steal the puzzle itself. Just as they realize that Ian Haskell ““ a Carver descendant, dun dun DUN ““ is the one who cut Nathan and stole his ability, Duke arrives to tell them that Ian can’t feel pain.

They immediately head for Duke’s boat, leaving Fraudrey behind in case they need her to call in her (real) FBI backup. They find Ian, who has a gun and is holding Jackie (who’s wearing dark glasses) and Brian hostage. Duke’s all, what the hell, man? Ian says he wants payback. For”¦ being a loser, apparently? Audrey shoots him but he keeps coming, not feeling pain and all. Nathan fires off a shot to the chest that takes him down, and finds the puzzle and puzzle pieces in Ian’s bag. Case closed.

Ian agrees to take Nathan’s affliction for good when he dies (not that Ian really has a choice in the matter). Nathan gets him to take Jackie’s instead, because Nathan is just that awesome, I guess. Duke and Audrey are rather disappointed that Nathan missed his chance to be cured.

Finally, the Audreys trace the Chief’s call to an empty house, where they find a book Audrey was reading, presumably left there on purpose.

Nathan suspects someone helped Ian get the puzzle pieces. Vince and Dave don’t address that concern, but promise to make sure the pieces get put “somewhere safe.” At the Gull, Nathan and Audrey discuss the mysteriously missing Agent Howard. Audrey believes they’re on the right track. She’s impressed by what Nathan did for Jackie. He says that his affliction is difficult to live with, but Jackie’s was downright impossible. He thinks he’ll have another chance to be normal.

And that’s that. This season on Haven: Jason Priestley! Sentient machines! Kidnappings and explosions! And WWE fighter The Edge, whom Syfy insists on giving acting gigs for some reason. One of these things is not like the others.


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Man, I adore this show, despite how cheesy it is.

I think Audrey actually didn’t see the clown – Fraudrey did, and Audrey could empathize because they have the same memories, and therefore the same fears. I did enjoy the “It’s coming” line right before the clown. I really appreciate the show knows its own absurdity enough to throw in the King references every so often.

There was a throwaway line by Duke about someone going “back to Africa” – was he referring to Julia? Is that why Evi showed up last episode, to replace her as another female antagonist?

Right, Audrey is immune to Jackie for some reason. I keep telling myself they’re going to get around to explaining things like that, and they’re just little throwaways now to build suspense.

I missed the line about Africa. I really hope there’s a better reason for Evvie being around, but somehow I doubt it.

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