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Help the Fresh Air Fund Help Kids

Around the Persephone virtual office, I seem to be the one in charge of the kid activities. I’m OK with it, because, well, that’s what I’m doing for my kids in real life. Today I want to bring your attention to some kids who need some activities, some activities away from home that could change their life.

I’ll be honest, when I wrote about the summer options for my daughter, I didn’t fully appreciate all the options from which we had to choose. I mean, every kid gets to have fun when school is out, right? Swimming, playgrounds, pools, campfires, fireworks, and cookouts– that’s what summer’s made of, right?

A quick visit to tells me that this assumption is wrong.

The Fresh Air Fund provides summer experiences for thousands of inner-city youth in the New York City Area. In 2010, nearly 5000 children stayed with host families in the 13 states. These children enjoyed a one or two week stay with a host family in a suburban or country setting. This year, the Fresh Air Fund needs 850 more host families to make sure every child is able to participate.

Want to learn how you can help? Visit for more information, and the numerous ways YOU can help get the word out!

Interested in hosting a child or know someone who might be interested? Read more about hosting a child.

Interested in making a donation to defray the cost of this program (they also run a summer camp for 3000 more children)? Here’s a link to their donations page.

Have another three minutes? Watch this video, and wait until you see the proud mom at the end.


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