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Hot Town Summer In The Open Thread

Hey, did you guys know it’s hot out? It’s hot all over the country, did you know that? I bet you haven’t heard from everyone ever that there is a heatwave SWEEPING the country! (And none for Oregon. Goodbye.)

I hate talking about the weather. But some people like it. And for those of you who love to talk about how hot and miserable you are, this thread is for you.  Want to get into a Weather Olympics contest?  Do it here!  My Facebook right now is like a climate poker game.  “I see your 102 degrees and raise you… 99% humidity!” It’s also a competition to see who can be the grossest.  Tell me again just HOW many shirts you sweated through today? Fascinating. And you say you’re developing a heat rash as well?!  My goal is to be equally as annoying with my complaining about other people complaining about the weather. It’s the circle of obnoxiousness. Enjoy your evening, friends!

Fun facts: This song will forever remind me of Sweatin’ To The Oldies. I think I still know the moves.

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Sonsofbitches. It Rained this morning. I swear – if August doesn’t get as dry as a bone, I’m … well, I really can’t do anything about it but I’ll Gripe! about it. I can at least do that.

And apparently every dept on my office floor (3 of them) are having “summer” potlucks today. There are two standard size fridges and as of 7:30am, they were already full. Oh this will be hilarious. It’s like a bad sitcom scene. Most of the staff won’t be arriving for 10 more minutes. But! I got my coleslaw tucked away nicely under the chicken fajitas! Baha!

Can I squee for a bit? I *finally* went out with the boy…seriously. It took like 6 weeks for us to finally get together between sick kids, work and just life. We had SUCH a good time. He’s so funny and adorable and tall and yummy and I am clearly a 14 year old girl again. Can’t stop thinking about him, constantly checking my phone/facebook to see if he’s there…Squeee!

As far as heat goes, it’s sweltering in the midwest. I’m starting an antibiotic that requires me to stay out of the sun, a warning my doctor said to take seriously. I’m taking it as an excuse to stay in the ac. That’s what he meant, surely.

Actually, I’m looking for a food journal to help track, not just food I eat (which I’ve done for some time), but how I’m feeling, what antibiotics I’m on/my reactions, what supplements I take. I mean, I know that a food journal isn’t going to have an “antibiotics” section. I guess I’m looking for something that isn’t like Carbs! Fats! Cardio! Strength workout! Lose Weight! LOSE WAAAAIIIIGHHHTTARRGGGH!

I’m getting quite fed up on my search.

I like Moleskin’s Passions Wellness Journal, but I’ve sort of already filled my previous one out (there’s a lot of extra pages for work out, but they are separate from the food section). About half of it’s pages are other “wellness” things, so it’d be perfect if it were ALL food tracking pages. I’m already gluten free, casein free, and a hypoglycemic, but I’m adding to that no nightshades and a range of treatments I have to be sure to keep track of what I’m trying/dose etc.

Anyway, any tips?

I can never find a journal that suits my needs, so I’m of no help there. I just wanted to suggest that you take your Dr.’s warning very seriously. I got sun poisoning last year while taking one of those antibiotics. I was outside for only about 2 hours in the morning, mostly in the shade, and I was wearing a 70 SPF sunblock.

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