Interrobang Katie’s Rainbow Brain

Editor’s note: Here’s our second crosspost from the Interrobangs, this time from Katie.  Click through to see a brainy, fashionable woman totally rock some gorgeous colors. 

  • Navy dress ““ thrifted
  • Tie-dye lab coat ““ work
  • Mustard belt ““ thrifted
  • Hearts necklace ““ self-made
  • Ballet flats ““ Old Navy

For my second contribution to Dress Your Best, I’m going all-out existential and dressing to highlight my brain.

While the original premise of the exercise is to celebrate the physical characteristics we love, I also want to explore celebrations of the less-tangible. For me, my brain and the things it gets to do often has a direct affect on what I wear. So today I dressed to show off my fantastic grey and white matter.

The assumed inverse-relationship between intelligence and an interest in fashion is nothing new. I still have friends and colleagues who struggle to reconcile my equal loves of peep toes and spring peepers. But both are integral parts of myself, and I adore when they overlap.

Today’s outfit of a shift dress, lab coat, belt, “hearts” necklace and closed-toe shoes, worn to teach kids how to dissect pig hearts, may not seem like much. But it’s colorful and practical. And, if you know how to read it, this outfit tells you about me and my brain.

In this outfit, my brain controls my hand with amazing precision as I wield a scalpel. My brain remembers all the chambers, arteries, veins and valves of the heart. My brain encourages kids who want nothing to do with a smelly hunk of muscle to put on gloves, pick up a scalpel, and become explorers. My brain builds environments where trepidation and fear are defeated by curiosity and success. My brain finds the perfect balance of information, encouragement, fun, and knowing when to back off and let the wonder of nature take over. My brain creates future scientists.

So I love wearing this lab coat. It may give me big shoulders and always ride up in the back, but it also becomes a physical extension of all the synapses, dendrites, axons, knowledge and curiosity I have inside my head. While I sometimes think life would be easier as a brain in a jar (hey, it worked for Nixon), at least I can put on a lab coat and let my brain take center stage every once in a while.

Here are some other outfits I’ve worn that highlight my brain:

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