Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Day 10: You Are Done with Level 1

This morning I finished my 10th workout of the 3o Day Shred. It’s become a habit to roll out of bed, turn on the coffee pot and do the twenty minute workout while the coffee brews.

I’ve notice that the workout is getting easier- my arms are no longer screaming, and I can do about 15 push-ups now in each set of the first circuit. The three ladies I’m working out with (we are holding each other accountable via the Twitter) are all reporting the small thing, every one of us is feeling stronger. The push-ups are manageable, the lunges don’t require quite as much cursing and the twenty minutes no longer feels like twenty hours. Which means it’s time to mix it up.

We’ve made a pact to start level 2 as each of us hits day 11.

Have you made it to level 2? What did you think? (Feel free to answer about advancing with any at-home program, not just the shred!)

If you don’t hear from me Monday, it’s because I can’t lift my fingers to type.

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