Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 12 Absolutely Shredded

You know what’s becoming shredded? My ears. The music on the 30 Day Shred leaves a lot to be desired.

What kind of results have you seen so far? So many of you chimed in yesterday, I know that many of you have been at it for close to a week, if not more. I ask, because my scale isn’t budging, and neither is my friend’s scale.

We are actively working toward the point where the fat starts shredding away, but we haven’t seen it yet. I  know that my clothes fit better, but, to be honest, there’s a particular number I’d like to say good-bye to, and the scale isn’t moving.

What keeps you motivated when the numbers are clearly not indicating how you are feeling?

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I don’t weigh myself, but my mom refuses to do anymore JM DVDs because last time she did the Shred, she lost like 3 pounds and then stopped losing weight. BUT, I think it’s because she started building muscle. My dad mentioned that he thought she was looking toner, but he doesn’t really talk about stuff like that because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing or act like her looks are really important to him. I thought she was looking firmer, too, but she got frustrated with not seeing the numbers change, even when she was eating better too. So, one reason might be the muscle mass is making up for the fat you’re losing. Which is good! I think, personally, that you should focus more on how you feel and look rather than what that jerkface scale says.

Idea number 2: Some people need to make serious dietary changes to lose weight, and if you’re eating more because the working out makes you ravenous, you might be adding back all the calories you spent. During week one I think you mentioned how you were starving after working out, which I think is common, but I think it might be your body’s reaction to the new concept of burning tons of calories in the morning and your body freaks out and is all “OHMYGOD WE’RE GOING TO WITHER AWAY EAT ALL THE THINGS” but it really doesn’t need to, it just isn’t used to using up all those calories. I know you’re really hungry, and this is going to sound evil and very Gwenyth Paltrow, AND ALSO I am not a doctor or anything, but if you retrain you body to believe that it isn’t going to starve to death, it will stop freaking out. So try not to eat more – stick with the recommended calories and make it healthy and then hopefully your metabolism will get its shit together and calm down. Like I said, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I just read a lot of this stuff and have experience with the shred stuff.

As to the music, yeah, once I get the gist of the routine, I do the workout on silent and use my iPod.

Finally, as to motivation, bar study has completely nullified my motivation to workout. But the 30th, we’re doing family photos and I would like to have some cut arms, so I am going to work out tonight. Can someone just MAKE me do this please? I’m so tired from using my brain.

Those were a lot of words. I am procrastinating studying.

Feel free to procrastinate here anytime!

I’m sure there’s some muscle forming somewhere on my body! I’m also sure there’s something to my body wondering if I am going to starve itself silly (which is silly, my body know I will feed it!). I’m not as ravenous as I was that first week, but I should look at how many calories I’m eating in a day again..

Take a study break! Go workout! You’ll feel better once you do!

Yay I did! Actually, I saw your comment telling me to workout yesterday and I actually wrote it on a flashcard (I know). I did Level 1 of Ripped, which I was doing diligently before I abandoned anything not bar-related. At first I was like, “Hmm, maybe I should Level 2 tomorrow” and by the end I was like “Oh nevermind.”

I really hope you didn’t interpret my “watch what you eat” as food badgering or anything. I really don’t mean deprive yourself, but sometimes I’ve felt like, “I’m HUNGRY and I WORKED OUT. I can eat all these things,” and sure, you can, but not if you want to lose weight. Anyway, you don’t seem like you were offended, but I started worrying about it and I just wanted to clarify.

SO! If you weren’t offended, JM said in the intro to Ripped, which I don’t usually watch but I got distracted and ended up listening to it today, that you can eat your way out of weight loss, and then I saw the link to her website. So if you WANT to lose weight, and you think diet might help, there’s a meal plan on her website under the It’s based on 1400 calories a day, so it’s totally healthy and reasonable. Oh, and there are recipes.

Ok, and now I need to read an Evidence outline. Thanks for letting me talk your ear off! I seriously love Jillian Michaels, and I feel like she gets a bad rap for her cut-the-crap and get your life in order attitude, but some of us need her tough love!

I also love that you are doing these posts. They’re such good motivation! And yay you for sticking with it!

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