Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 14 God Knows This Isn’t Fun

Thank you for all your comments yesterday – I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes just wants the workout to be over!

I think this is around the time when I last did the DVD that I quit. After four days, level two is still a challenge. I still can’t hold a lot of the plank moves, so I don’t feel like I’m getting everything out of the work out. And while I was lamenting this, while doing whichever move I was quietly cursing, Jillian herself said, “God knows this isn’t fun.” And she went onto to talk about results, about having a fit and toned body.

I have to be honest: it’s sort of about results for me, but mostly it’s that I know I need to incorporate physical activity into my life. I wore a pedometer to work the other day, and when I was done, after working for eight hours, I’d gone less than 40000 steps. The 20-minute workout with Jillian jump-starts my day, and at least I’ve done something before I sit in a desk chair all day.

There are more fun ways to get exercise. I will always pick working out with a friend over doing something solo. I will always pick a family bike ride or hike over working out in front of my television. But at 6 a.m. on a Thursday, with two kids asleep upstairs, The 30 Day Shred gets the job done.

What would you rather do than a workout DVD?

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Dance; go for a looong walk; I idealise swimming but I’m not a good swimmer so it doesn’t really work as exercise for me.

Level 2 is probably my least favourite. But you know, we’ll forgive you if you replace one of the planks with a Level 1 move… (she says as if she hasn’t done that herself…)

The best is walking places you haven’t been before. I visited a friend in Montreal a couple months ago and we walked the entire time(even up the mountain!) even though both of us were totally out of shape. My legs were so strong at the end, and we saw a bunch of neat stuff that we never would have seen on the metro.

I’m like you. I’ll log my daily 30 minutes on a treadmill for the health benefits, to incorporate movement into my everyday life, because it’s convenient, etc. But what I much prefer? Going for long walks around my city or in the public parks, with just an ipod and the sunshine as my companion. Salsa dancing the night away with my friends at a club, or in a class at a dance studio. (With those 2 activities alone, plus a healthy diet, I once lost 50+lbs). And my new favorite thing is zumba class in the park with my girlfriends and 200 other Chicagoans on Saturday mornings. In general, dancing is by far my favorite form of exercise because it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work.

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