Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 15 This is YOUR Workout

Here we are, with now THREE weeks under our belts! Are you feeling absolutely shredded?

Today I made myself make friends with all of the plank position exercises. And by make friends, I mean I really attempted them ALL (OMG, there are so many), and I have to say, some of them weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. The full-on Plank-Jack was actually easier than the modified version, which was a pleasant surprise.

So here is today’s question – have you noticed functional strength changes since starting this (or any exercise program, really)? I can always tell when I’m exercising regularly, because I tend to park further away. If I’m tired/rundown, I’ll make sure I park close to where I need to go. If I have a spring in my step, I actually strive to achieve more steps.

Since starting the Shred, I’m noticing my laptop bag doesn’t seem as heavy, and the stairs at work don’t seem so steep. What are you noticing in your everyday life?

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