Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 19

I’m still not liking the planks, and the scale hasn’t moved, but my clothes are fitting better. And now comes the dilemma when your body is changing…

… when do you get some new clothes? How long do you wait? Until you’ve reached a particular goal? What if you need clothes before then? While at some point the clothes I currently own will wear out, I’m not replacing them soon. I’m wearing the pants a little baggy, and I’m OK with it.

I started thinking about this because a friend put a shout-out yesterday about borrowing a dress for a function. She owns size 14, but she’s currently wearing a size 12. Borrowing is perfect for special occasions, she’s not done shrinking yet, and who knows when the next formal affair will pop up?

What do you do about clothes during the “in between” times?

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This is exactly the dilemma I am currently facing. I have been working out more (shredding it up plus jiu jiutsu) and started WW about 3 weeks ago and things are getting loose. I will also be rocking the baggie clothes for the next while. Most of my clothes are accommodating of slight bagginness tunics and skinny jeans and loose dresses. When there’s a fairly significant change I might get some new stuff.

wellllll some of my clothes are starting to fit better because they fit me poorly before, so those are golden. The ones that are getting baggy I’m learning to live with; when they become unwearable (ie: falling off of me or otherwise obscene), I’ll try to find super inexpensive replacements, and buy them a little small. Like, wearable small but maybe snug again. That should buy me more time with those. When I feel like my body starts to plateau at a certain shape, THEN I feel like I can start investing in a wardrobe shift. Also, some things – certain styles of skirt, dress, and shirt – can be worn larger to nice effect, so I try to keep those around anyway. Throw a belt over a loose dress or skirt and it has shape again. Yay.

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