Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 5 (the Day I Stayed in Child’s Pose)

TGIF! Today marks five consecutive days of doing the 30 Day Shred. I’ve been doing the workout first thing in the morning, as my coffee brews and my house is still relatively quiet. On Day 3 I admitted to modifying the jumping jack. Today I’m admitting that the cool down is not enough of a cool down for me. My legs felt tight waking up this morning, and my back was wrenched. I turned on the television and started looking at what I could do to make it better.

The Warm Up: During the warm up, Jillian explains that dynamic stretching is the way to start this routine. By moving groups of muscles you are able to warm up the body and not stress it out. This makes sense, but the only movement in the warm up (on level 1) for legs is jumping jacks. So this morning I did knee raises while I was doing arm crosses, and slow butt kicks while doing windmills.

The Cool Down: The static stretching comes in once you’ve worked out and your muscles are warm. There are toe touches and a brief quad stretch during this two minute cool down. Today I added pigeon pose and child’s pose from my yoga knowledge to the cool down. It took longer, but stretching well is something I think is worth doing. I’m hoping tomorrow morning I will notice a difference.

How do you make this workout (or any pre-recorded routine) work for your body’s needs? How many days did you exercise this week?

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I sometimes do 8-minute stretch (part of the 8-minute abs/butt/thighs empire, and available on youtube) and it’s sometimes not quite right for me, so I will add a couple minutes on the end of extra stretches. I think adding on to the beginning and end of a video like that is a good idea, unless the whole point of the video is a time crunch (which for me it sometimes is!).

Ooh punches with weights, I like that idea! I’ve been hearing a lot of people complain about their calves this week, so I’m guessing it’s a “thing”. Keep at it with the push ups — that is one exercise, if I do it regularly, I typically see improvements quickly. (mind you, I’m still doing knees on the ground, but still)

thanks for the encouragement! I have done about 4 weeks of the 100 pushups programme before, and seen a difference, but I still feel like every one is a struggle (yet most of the other arms work is totally manageable, even with extra weights). It’s a mystery!:)

Just did Day 4 – after yesterday’s workout my calves were tight and my foot (the injured one, the wee bastard) was sore, so I didn’t do the skipping, and for the move with the bicep curls (one leg forward, one back) I just kept the back leg straight – it was too much for my foot to keep it tensed up. On the other hand, I do the cardio punches with weights, and I’m up to the next grade of weights I have (I think 4lb instead of 2lb?). I still find pushups wicked hard though, even the ‘easy’ version.

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