Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 8 “That’s Fear Leaving My Body”

Have you shredded enough to get that quote in my headline? A twitter buddy is cracking me up everyday by quoting America’s toughest trainer in her workout tweets everyday. It kind of cracks me up.

So today I did Day 8, and I made the decision that after Day 10, I will bump it up to level 2 (now that I’ve blogged it, I must stick with this plan). Back in April, I signed up for a weight loss motivation program at my gym. It involved an initial fitness assessment, a little coaching, and then an activity every Tuesday night for 12 weeks. I’ve been steadily losing a little bit at time. Or at least, I was, until I started shredding. Between building muscle and feeling hungry like a bear, I was up 1.5lbs this week. The trainer said not to worry about it, that once my muscles started working, the fat would start to shrivel away.

Instead of focusing on the 1.5lbs, I’m making a list of immediate results I’ve seen since starting the shred last week:

1) My pants are happier than they’ve been in a long time. About two weeks ago, I could zip my non-fat pants. This week, I could wear them out of the house.

2) I walk/ran a 5k last night and took 4 minutes off my time from when the weight loss program began.

3) Even though I’m exerting more energy, I feel more energetic than I have in a long time.

Did you start exercising recently? What have you noticed? Did you think to measure particular body parts before you started your exercise program? I’m wishing I had. I may do so this week anyway, at least so I can see some numbers moving in the desired direction!

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So I just found Persephone via stumbleupon and then found your 30 day shred posts! I started doing it (again) on June 22- just figured out I’m on day 11 (although I’ve taken a day off here or there). Jillian Michaels drives me nuts, and I HATE the stupid shred but I will say that although the weight isn’t exactly falling off, I’m DEFINITELY toning up- my mom muffin top is more like a mini muffin top!

Since I’ve started exercising regularly, I’ve lost weight, slept MUCH BETTER (Thank God!), controlled my anxiety a bit better, and notice a difference in how my clothes fit. YAY. I try to focus on non-weight changes since weight loss can stall and I don’t want to get discouraged.

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