Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Day 9: You ARE Capable of Working Out Hard

Are you done with the false messages of lethargy that aren’t doing you any favors? Good. I am too.

Today I did the Shred Day 9, and I have to say, it is getting easier. I’m not tuckered out before each interval is over, and I while I feel like I’ve exercised, I’m able to move around without too much muscle tightness. Which has led me to think, “Am I ready for Level 2?”

For those of you who haven’t seen the workout, there are levels 1, 2, and 3. There’s only one workout at each level, and you’re supposed to do it until you’re “ready” to move to the next level. What qualifies as ready?

Keeping up with Natalie instead of Anita?

Being able to talk through the workout without getting winded?

Wanting to move up to heavier weights?

I think the answer is somewhere in all of these questions, coupled with the idea that if you get bored, you’ll quit. So in my head, I’m moving to level 2 on day 11, with the goal of moving to level 3 on day 21. That’ll give me 10 days at each level.

How do you know when to kick your workouts up a notch?

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I’m sticking with the 10-10-10 days plan – longer on each if I feel I need to. I don’t want to move on too soon and deprive myself of that lovely “oh hey, this exercise thing really works!” feeling:)
Your capability does increase though, on Day 7 even the last strength circuit isn’t killing me like it used to (pushups still suck, though, so sometimes I do the elbows-plank-elbows from Circuit 2 instead).

I’m still working at level one right now, though I’m tempted to move into two after just six days. The cardio and abs rotations are pretty easy for me. I’m doing the high impact things for those parts of the workouts, but the strength, geez.

For pushups, while they’ve gotten a lot easier, even just over the first week, I’m still doing them from the knees. I can only do two or three “proper” push-ups, then my arms give out. Most of the exercises with weights leave me panting too. I think this is in part because I am using five pound weights, and I think in the video Jillian is using 3-pound weights? I don’t know for sure.

So I’m at this place where half the workout is comfortable, too comfortable, and I can’t complete the other part. Anyone have any insight advice?

I suppose you have two options that can be combined as well: make the cardio and abs harder and/or make the strength a little easier.

e.g.: do the cardio punches, butt kicks and skipping while holding weights; do harder ab exercises; for the strength stuff, reduce the weight or when it starts to get really tough only do one arm at a time (I do this for anterior arm raises sometimes).

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