Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Welcome to Level 2

Good Monday to you, Persephone-shredders! I started the day today with my first work out (in two yrs) at level 2. Oh My-

the Sweat. I can’t really even describe it, and you really don’t want to smell it. Level 2 takes quite a bit more of coordination than level 1. I haven’t compared move to move, but I’m pretty sure I caught on to the level 1 moves a whole lot faster. Maybe I was more awake when I did my first attempt, but today I spent at least 15 seconds per move figuring out how to do it. That said, I think level 2 will be good for me. In an, “OMG what was I thinking” kind of way….

Have you started level 2 yet? How are you coming along on level 1? Did you squeeze in some shredding time this weekend or did you mix it up like me? I managed to get in a Pilates class Saturday and then swam around with my family Sunday.

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Funny (TMI) story: this week I was changing and I caught a look at my behind in the mirror and I had huge ugly bruises on my butt. Just gross. No idea how I got them. Then doing the Shred today, doing the butt kick, it suddenly dawned on me. Kicking my own butt too hard.

Between a bad cold, my period, headaches, a busy schedule, and just laziness, I didn’t work out all week until Saturday, when I went to my weekly zumba class in the park. It was tons of fun, as usual. I’m planning to make myself hit the gym tonight just to get back into the habit.

Try Level 2 with the 3 lbs first! I speak as a Shred veteran. What I usually did is use lighter weights until they were pretty manageable, usually for four days, and then switch to heavier ones. But I also started with 5 lbs because I over estimate my strength, apparently, and then take it out on JM by telling her to do improper things to herself. So maybe do the Shred all the way through with 3 lbs and then do it again with 5 lbs? But definitely don’t step up the weights AND the levels at the same time.

Uuuugh. My last workout was last Monday. I had a simulated Bar Tuesday and Wednesday and then spent Thursday – now freaking out, and abandoned my workout schedule. I was going to work out this morning, but then my sinuses were bothering me and I decided to stay in bed, and felt lazy. If I get out of school at a reasonable time I will resume tonight, and probably repeat Level 1 because of the lapse, or else just get up tomorrow morning and do it. I have to start practicing getting up early anyway, since I have to be at the test site at 6:45 in the morning. I am starting to rethink this lawyer thing. It sucks so far.

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