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Greetings my dearest Persephonophiles! Welcome back to the second ever “Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading” collection! This week, I’d like to highlight some talented women who keep scribbling and doodling in an ever-so-amazing way: ladies making comics (and writing about it, too).

Sugar Booty: Persephone’s Fringe folk, you might know Jasika from her portrayal of Astrid Farnsworth on the TV series, but did you know she’s also a comic artist? Jasika Nicole is a renaissance woman of sorts ““a writer, dancer, actress, illustrator, and comic maker extraordinaire (and she’s on tumblr!). Her comics explore everything from the day-to-day of her and her partner, to her relationship with her youngest sister, to a most hilarious telephone conversation between her and Kanye West.

808 at 212, by Jasika Nicole. Image copyright of Jasika Nicole

Lucy Lou: Aka, Lucy Knisley, a fantastic Chicago (soon to be New York) comic artist documenting her life, via breakups, city tributes and Harry Potter love for all. Lucy has published four books of her comics, and has many more prints, posters, and Etsy goodies up for grabs.  Her comics are personal confessions, incredibly illustrated, both hilarious and touching.

Panel from Moving in Circle by Lucy Knisley. Image Copyright of Lucy Knisley.

Hark! A Vagrant: While Strong Female Characters was profiled by our very own Filmschooled only a few weeks ago, Kate Beaton’s comics touch on history and pop culture, all while making light of every situation.

Panel from Louis Lane, A Reporter by Kate Beaton. Image Copyright Kate Beaton

Absolutely True Tales Of Lesbian Drama: The comics of Astrid Lydia Johansssen, with styles that evolve and change with every strip, the comic moves between the realms of fantasy and the realm of every day ridiculousness.

Illustration from Absolutely True Tales of Lesbian Drama by Astrid Lydia Johanssen. Image copyright by Astrid Lydia Johanssen.

Comiques: The comic tumblr of Ann Emond, whose other blog is more a showcase for her amazing illustration skills, is the diary-style blog showcasing the quick and short comics of Edmond’s adventures through Brooklyn. As much of an ode to herself and her awkwardness, it’s also about the small decisions that keep us anxious, as well as her daily mishaps. Don’t miss the ode to cheese.

Panel by Anne Edmond. Image copyright Anne Edmond.

So, masses, what are some of your favorite lady comic artists?  Who have I unfortunately left off this list? Who else’s talents need to be shamelessly spotlighted? Where do you go to get your favorite comic fix?

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My avatar may be a too-subtle hint that I’m a fan of Kate Beaton (A thousand apologies! I shall endeavour again!), but I’ll definitely check these artists out.

Also humbly suggest Allie Brosh (on the off-chance that there are some people who haven’t heard of her yet) and Trudi Cooper (most of which are so, so NSFW I can’t even tell you how much).

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