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Ladies! In honor of Susanna Breslin’s “What has segregation done for you lately?” post on why ladyblogs are indeed bad for you (as poignantly covered by our very own Selena MacIntosh), we thought we would bring you a little taster sampler of some of our own favorite ladyblogs that are determined on bringing down tha womenz, one limiting, hypocritical, and checked-out-of-reality post at a time.

What Tami Said:  Tami is a self-described “writer, black woman, bibliophile, music lover, nappy head, geek, eccentric, Midwesterner, wife, stepmother, sister, aunt and daughter,” working to towards ending oppression, with one brilliant post at a time. Her writing is a thoughtful, critical look at race, class and pop culture, asking just as much of her readers as she’s talking about.  One of her most recent posts, “Who Is The Black Zooey Deschanel,” has lit up the blogosphere lately by breaking down the Manic Pixie Stereotype (the unfortunate sister to the Apatow perpetual boyhood phenomenon) asking, “Is there a black Zooey? A manic pixie Latina? Is this a persona that women of color can inhabit?”

Hana Riaz: Highlighted as one of our fantastic Persephone Pioneers last Friday, Hana is no stranger to writing about gender, race and all the messy intersections in between and her posts are as informative as they are true. While still new to the blogosphere, Hana is a person worth reading. Check out her most recent piece on “The Porn Myth: Are Real Women Just Bad Porn?”

The Girl Who Ate Everything: A little detour from heavy hitting social issues (and a full dive into food porn) is the food exploratory blog of NYC’s own Robyn. An NYU Food Studies grad and current staff member at Serious Eats, The Girl Who Ate Everything is about the adventures in eating and enjoying it.

The Fat Social Worker: Another Persephone Pioneer extrordinaire, activist and blogger Michelle Matthews covers plenty of subjects from size acceptance to her own social work. “I’ve realized that I am a person who says some unpopular things.” Yeah, maybe to some folks, but Michelle’s writing also challenges, informs and confronts things that need some ‘splainin.

Suga Butta: An easy Internet space for feminist voices, Suga Butta is real feminism for real people. And why the name Suga Butta? “Because we’re sweet and creamy and also full of things that are Bad For You. Or something.” Run by the fabulous Glossy and Laura, Sugga Butta offers Fassbender updates and puppy gifs galore, combined with posts on Dangerous Fetal Homicide Laws and Rape Culture takedowns.

The Frenemy: A hilarious blog that I can’t help but think is like a look into my own neurosis, The Frenemy is run by Aida, a non-little black dress, non-manic pixie girl, running an all together fashionable, confident, slightly alcoholic, BAMFS space. Her writing is like that voice in all of us that spouts a bit of kitchen table wisdom and a bit of oh, god, what the hell am I doing ?

What say you, Persephonofiles? Any favorite blogs that get you going?


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