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Ladyghosts of TV Past: BSG, “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”

We begin this episode with Roslin thinking Adama is a Cylon and Baltar having completed the universe’s first Cylon detector. In her pursuit of truth, Roslin orders Adama be tested first and has Billy pump Dee for information about him during their first date. When she learns that Adama has been making scrambled calls and not logging any of them, her suspicions deepen. Then, Adama turns up missing right as a Cylon raider pops up in the area, jumping in and out of range like a wounded bird, floundering like a fish out of water.

Things get even more dramatic when Adama returns to Galactica with none other than Col. Tigh’s wife Ellen in tow. Tigh is thrilled, but Adama is wary and immediately cancels his test in order for Ellen to be tested. Roslin, not knowing why Adama has canceled his test, borders on paranoia as she orders Baltar to resume testing Adama’s blood instead of the blood of a woman she has never heard of before. In the meantime, Roslin calls Tigh in to discuss Adama’s erratic behavior. While defending Adama, Tigh reveals to her that Adama went to pick up the very lady whose blood test took precedence, taking the president by surprise.

Roslin quickly decides that she must meet this woman who has caused such unusual behavior in such a stalwart man, and invites Tigh, his wife, Adama, and Apollo to dinner. Roslin and Adama have an uneasy peace with each other and life settles down until dinner that night. Tigh and Ellen come in a little tipsy and leave smashed as they celebrate her homecoming.

During dinner is the fun part, though. Apparently, Tigh’s wife is a might bit easy. According to the scuttlebutt, she slept with over half the fleet while Tigh was in space. Her disloyalty to a man who clearly adores her is proven as she tries to feel up Apollo under the table while Saul sits next to her, soaking up her every smile and laugh. Tigh knows about her previous indiscretions, but hopes to start over fresh now that he has her once again. She also declares a fresh start, but within minutes is up to her old tricks again. She flirts with Baltar in front of Saul on their way back to their room for sexy fun times, and then when Saul accuses her of more than harmless flirting, she tries to convince him that Adama tried to feel her up during dinner. She then accuses Adama of coming to her during the night while she was aboard the Rising Star and touching. When Saul calls bullshit on her, she drags him off to find proof.

Meanwhile, in Baltar’s lab, Roslin’s paranoia about Adama, Adama’s apprehension about Ellen, and both of their irritations at one another for undermining each other’s authority come to a head when Adama learns that Roslin has stopped the testing on Ellen’s blood in order to verify Adama’s humanity. Adama is explaining his need for secrecy about his visits to the Rising Star when Saul and Ellen walk in. Saul takes Adama’s words as proof his wife was telling the truth and rages at Adama. He bellows about Adama taking advantage of his wife and tells him that Roslin had thought Adama was a Cylon, which she unapologetically acknowledges.

Then Adama gets upset with Tigh for meeting with the president behind his back. The argument between the three heats up until Baltar reminds them of the nuclear bomb stored in his lab. Everyone begins to relax as first Adama and the president acknowledge each one’s legitimacy in his or her actions. Then Tigh and Adama resume their friendship when Adam congratulates Saul for his fast thinking and reminds Saul of Ellen’s poor influence over him. The episode ends with everyone feeling just a bit more secure with everyone else on the ship, except for Ellen, who it seems only Saul even tolerates.



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