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LTP: 7/12

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday. I usually tell you where I got my idea for my Lunchtime Polls, but today it’s really kind of out of the blue: What’s your favorite hangover movie?

I say it’s out of the blue because I haven’t had a real hangover in quite a while, so I’m not sure why I thought of it. Still, my two main hangover movies are Super Troopers and Wet Hot American Summer. Funny, weird, and easy to follow. Just the way I like it when my brain is hurting.

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Now that all grown-up-ish, I rarely have a hang over, but if I do, I go exercise. I’ll attempt to dodge while you throw rotten fruit at me. But seriously, I clears up a a hang over in no time flat – for me at least. But back in the day when I was still you-and-stupid-ish, I’d watch Dangerous Liaisons or Desperado.

I put in something I can listen to with my eyes closed and still follow along.

Usually The Gilmore Girls because I’ve seen all the episodes about 5 times or Firefly, same reason. Psych is getting to that point. :)

Moviewise – The Devil Wears Prada. It’s so simple and yet makes me so happy. :)

All of this is done with a bowl of Boxed Mac n Cheese eaten with tortilla chips and either pop or water.

In my mid to late 20s my friends and I had a habit of coming home from the bars,popping in Old School and devouring Jack in the Box like our lives depended on it. We would wake up the next morning with the menu song blaring and the next natural step was to push play and finish watching it while hungover.

I don’t drink, and even when I did, I was never hung over, so I’m going to choose sick in bed movies instead. I love Moulin Rouge and Spirited Away for those kind of things. I’m also a big fan of that awful Kate Winslet/Cameron Diaz movie the Holiday. It’s just so cute! And no thinking is needed.

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