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LTP: 7/14

Here we are, another Thursday, another Lunchtime Poll. This summer, we’re attending a couple of weddings, and I’m going to my high school reunion on Saturday night. These affairs got me thinking”¦

What kind of serving do you prefer at events?

a) The plated meal, where you’re served your meal on a plate.

b) The family style meal, where you can choose from what’s on the table.

c) The buffet, where there is line standing involved, but typically more choices to the meal.

I’m a fan of family style myself, although if someone else is doing the cooking and dishes, I’m not too picky!

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I am so all about buffets. After served canapés of course, because I am that girl who always gorgeous on canapés.

We’re actually mixing it up – canapés passed around, then starter nibbles family-style (bread, dukkah, babaghanoush, etc), then buffet, then family-style desserts brought to the table, then coffee/tea with more petits fours type desserts. And bowls of sweets on the bar. I love food.

I like the buffet. I can pile up what I love (potato salad!) and skip what I dislike or can’t eat. And no one is paying attention to my plate to comment on my choices. We are all keenly focused on our own goals – the last of the pineapple upside-down cake. :)

But a lot of gathering seem to set up good tables for the food but not for the eating of. It’s always handy to remind guests to either bring chairs or have enough on hand for everyone. Also – tables. Any meat that requires cutting may also require a firm surface. Why is this concept so hard for some people? Steak, great! No tables? wtf.

I prefer buffet style, though I’ve never been at a family style wedding. It seems like family style would make it harder to sort out who-eats-what though. What if you end up at a table of all vegetarians so everyone fights over the veggie dish and ignores the chicken? If there’s more than one buffet table and plenty of hors’deovres (I REFUSE TO LEARN TO SPELL THAT) and booze, the line isn’t such a big deal.

I’m an incredibly picky eater, so I like the buffet.

We did have a plated meal for our wedding, though. The Mister really wanted it (that was his idea of what a wedding should be like), and that and the Legos were really the only thing he had a solid opinion about, so we went with plated. (We also had tons of appetizers and even more desserts, so if people didn’t like what they chose, they still wouldn’t walk away hungry. Seriously, our wedding was food food food from the moment they showed up until the moment they left. I even caught my great-aunt smuggling out a doggie bag, and we boxed up extra cake to send home with people. It was awesome. Everyone’s still talking about it six months later.)

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