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LTP: 7/19

Hi all, and happy Tuesday to you! How’s everyone surviving the boob-sweat-tastic weather? I’m handling it by hibernating as much as possible and huddling near the one air conditioning unit in my apartment. (Woooo, summer!)

Anyway, in honor of what is currently my least favorite season, I thought I’d ask: what’s your favorite article of summer clothing?

Mine is this jersey dress I got from Old Navy, which cost maybe two dollars, and is the coolest, most comfortable thing ever. I wear it several times a week.

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Do bathing suits count? I recently go a brown Calvin Klein bathing suit which I love and is super flattering. Summer means swimming for me.

I also have an Adidas sun dress I bought a couple years back which is fantastic. Too short for work, but great for lounging around and hangout out outside. I basically lived in it last summer in Toronto.

My favorite isn’t actually an item, more lack off – being bare foot. as much as I socially can. But in item I have this new shorts I bought in NY in a sample sale and they were cheap so I didn’t care that they are way big for me (are shorts suppose to be refer to in plural? or is it my ESL?) . I thought I’ll take them down at the tailor but they are just so comfy like that and I get tuns of compliments. I wear them really law and they just look loose and have a great cool vibe about them, and because they are too big they are more barmuda than shorts on me. Very pleased about it.

As soon as summer starts in Portland I’ll be able to answer that question. For now, having my umbrella with me at all times has been a life saver.

But, so far, I’ve been wearing the crap out of a pair of reddish brown pedal pushers from Old Navy. I’d say their capris but the length feels off, they are like a cross between bermuda shorts and capris. Maybe it’s just because I’m tall? Either way, they are loose, go with everything I own and cost a whopping $15. Also, did I mention it’s cold here? Only the brave (or 17 yr olds) are wearing shorts.

Ugh, this season sucks (can’t really call it summer, just an extension of spring…)

I have worn this about once a week for the past two months.
With a belt, flats, wedges, scarf or folded underneath and belted for a shorter version.

I love tank tops. I have about nine gagillion in different colors and patterns and they are the only thing that makes summer bearable.

p.s. We have been on a monster Futurama kick at my house and every time the other Hattie says “kagigger” I think of you :)

I have this dress in royal blue, and I love it. It’s comfortable enough to just wear around or out and about, but it’s nice enough to wear to work. And on brutally hot days when I’m out at a festival or something for work, it’s nice to have a cool breeze on my legs while the men are sweating it out in suits.


I lusted after it for a really long time before finally deciding to buy it when it went on sale, and I’m so glad that I like it so much. It’s starting to get kind of worn, and I’d love to buy a replacement. But they don’t have that same blue anymore, and none of the other colors I really like are in my size.

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