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LTP 7/21

Chances are, if you’re in the States, you’re HOT this week (I mean really hot, not just smokin’ like you always are).

So here’s my question- is it the heat or is it the humidity?

Since I live in the midwest, it’s absolutely the humidity. Things are hot, things are sticky, and the air feels like a warm shower. Which should feel good, but it so doesn’t!

What are you doing to keep cool?

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Trust, it will always be the humidity. I lived in Seville which was blazing hot for several months out of the year. It was a dry heat. Even when it was 45 C it was more manageable than humidity with that kind of heat.

I only know this because I lived in Charleston, SC for a year which was also blazing hot for several months. The main difference was Charleston had at least 80% humidity in all those months. I would step outside my apartment onto a shaded balcony and be covered in a sheen of sweat, no matter how thin my cotton clothes were. I did everything I could to stay cool and I’d still be bathing in sweat when I got to class, which was in the evening! And to be further punished, all the buildings had air conditioning running constantly so you’d arrive perspiring and start freezing within a half hour. Fall never even reached the trees down there.


I’d like to imagine that if it were hot here, I’d keep cool with iced tea stored in the office fridge, sun dresses (I bought 2! Wasted!) and I’d keep the kiddie pool fully stocked with water and a mini chair so I could soak my feet in it. There’d be a cooler beside it with more iced tea and maybe some blonde ale. I would bring my computer out and watch TNG while soaking and forgetting about all the chores I would normally do around the house.

But alas. I live in Oregon.

Apparently summer doesn’t hit the Bay Area until September, so, we’re one of the coolest regions in the U.S. We’ve had some lovely weather, don’t get me wrong – we’re not damned like the Pacific Northwest to a constant onslaught of GRAY ALL THE TIME – but we did have pretty much a solid week of fog last week. That said, sometimes even temps in the high 70s feel much warmer here to me, and I think it’s the being surrounded by water on three sides. I’m gonna call it the humidity.

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