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LTP 7/22: Singing and Driving

What is your favorite driving music?  Or, if you don’t drive, do you have another favorite band/activity combo?  I love to drive with the windows down and The Ramones playing loud.  It makes me feel like I’m 19 and carefree every time.  My other driving favorites are The Fratellis, Elton John and maybe a little Bruno Mars, unless I am in the mood to exercise my lungs, in which case only Cabaret will do.  True story – I once pulled up to a stoplight belting out the big dramatic finish to Cabaret and when I was done I looked over to see my boss in the next car, laughing his ass off at me.  I was mortified for about a second and then I had to laugh too.  It was pretty funny.

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I am on some crazy Phil Collins kick right now, thanks to last week’s This American Life. Against All Odds is possibly one of the best break-up songs ever. This has sent me into a tailspin of cheesy ass break-up music iTunes buying spree, and I actually found myself being kind of bummed that I am in such a happy relationship because I can’t truly relate to the pain behind the songs anymore. There is something wrong with me, I realize this. There is nothing like belting out a heart wrenching song as you cruise down the road.

Oh my. I love to sing in the car (but rarely drive, which makes it a real treat when I can sing in the car). One of my good friends made us this mix-tape of songs we’ve karaoked to or have otherwise “connected” with – most of them being from the 90s. Connected to yesterday’s LTP, this is also why I have CDs sometimes and won’t give them away. The ability to pop in an old classic is always excellent. Right now it’s two albums by Miranda! (Argentine pop group) and Julieta Venegas’ MTV Unplugged album. Love me some Latin music.

I love pop music and I prefer women’s voices. I sing along to Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cascada, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Michelle Branch, and Sarah McLachlan in the car. For long trips I enjoy a Broadway cast album or four. Once on a road trip with my best friend we sang along to the entire Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Mis. It was as awesome as it sounds.

A friend of mine has this ambient improvisational band – and I swear their music is the best for traveling, road trips and just jetting around town.

If that isn’t playing, I usually have Social Distortion, Sharks or some other punk rock kicking LOUD.

Anything sludge-y or doom-y is really awesome for driving, especially at night. (I can’t do this with my boyfriend though, because he despises anything metal. :()

In compromising, my choice has often been Ratatat related. “Classics” is a really good driving album.

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