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LTP: 7/28

Last night,  I had the rare treat of going to the movies with girlfriends. When I say rare, I mean, I don’t think I’ve been to the movies since around Christmas time. Before that? I know it was last summer.

We watch movies all time, but it’s usually at home. Once month of streaming Netflix is the price of one single movie ticket, so it’s easy to see why we only go out to see movies twice a year.

We saw Friends with Benefits, which was perfect for a girls’ night out. We laughed and enjoyed Justin Timberlake, and the husbands were spared the suffering through it.

ANYWAY, my question today is, what’s your favorite genre of movie?

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I like anything that isn’t too heavy or too long. I am just not interested in getting super depressed at a movie or sitting in a theater for 3 hours. But I rarely go out to movies either and if I do it’s to see kid’s movies, often. I saw Bridesmaids and HP7.2 in the last few months.

I love things that are funny and light hearted, or silly horror (Scream 4 was my perfect movie). During school, intellectual and serious movies were way too much to deal with, but now I’m more open.

That said, I AM DONE WITH THE BAR EXAM! I am so excited to be back in normal world and do fun things! And I missed the internet

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