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LTP: 7/29

This week I have been on vacation in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, so I’ve decided to break out an old chestnut from my school days for today’s poll – Mountains or Beach?

I honestly don’t know if I prefer one over the other. Beach trips are more fun, and I love falling asleep listening to the ocean, but a cabin out in the middle of nowhere on a mountain is wonderful for straight-up rest & relaxation. If you could choose, which would you pick?

By [E]SaraB

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7 replies on “LTP: 7/29”

My boyfriend and I are in the midst of this discussion. I like the mountains because I like camping, tents, and peace and quiet where I can read or hike, build fires, make camp food in a dutch oven, and hang out with tress and stuff I don’t have downtown. My boyfriend wants to go to the beach because… I don’t know. But his parents have a condo there, with a boat, and they have electricity so he can game (I’m a bit bitter about all the gaming he’s doing now that the bar is over). I am bored out of my mind there. And I am terrified of large bodies of water and anybody who is not my dad driving a boat. And I always get sinus pressure at the beach. And I don’t like hanging out in my bathing suit around a bunch of strangers. And his mom is mad at me right now because she thinks my boyfriend missed the package because I didn’t want to go to his house and made him stay at my house, but I didn’t even know about the package and he forgot. And now I’m mad at him because his mom always blames me for everything.

Anyway. We’re doing both, but I REALLY don’t want to go to the condo and get the cold shoulder for 5 says. Yay.

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