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LTP: 7/7

The outdoor pools are finally warm here, and we’ve spent many waking hours swimming our hearts out. Are you ready to jump into today’s lunchtime poll?

What do you like to do at the beach or the pool? Are you a swimmer? A floater? A sunbather? Or are you the one under the umbrella, slathered in SPF 50, with a big floppy hat?

Me, I’m a floater and occasional swimmer, and by default, head lifeguard of my dynamic duo!

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I loooooove to swim. Pools are better because it’s easier to go underwater. (Saltwater is the WORST, it makes your eyes burn. Fortunately, I live near freshwater, but it is always so dirty feeling.) I will swim and swim and swim, not necessarily just boring laps, some playing and splashing around. But there will be as much underwater action as possible.

When I was a kid, I was always the first one in the pool and the last one out.

I’m not a good swimmer and I hate swimming but if I’ll need to get away from a shark or something I will do it.
I love love love the beach, and I live in a seashore city, so I’m good. I usually go off season cause I hate the masses at the beach in July-August. It’s nice enough here from April and until November so I have plenty of time.
And there is nothing better than a night swim although I haven’t done it this year yet.

I’m 50/50 swimmer floater I always tell myself swimming is the best exercise and push myself to do several laps b4 grabbing the noodle and floating around. The one great thing about my not so classy apartment is the pool! It is a really great pool. In the middle of winter when my neighbors are again arguing at 3am I remind myself that for a good 3 months of the year the pool is open and it makes living here worth it.

I’m not a very good swimmer (I tend to sink better than I float) so wading around is kinda out. But, I am very competitive so any game of Marco Polo or “Toss the floaty stick and try to catch it” is alright by me. :)

However, if there are drinks and shady umbrellas – you will 100% find me there. Covered in sunscreen with an umbrella in my drink – possibly a pineapple slice on the side.

In reality, you’ll find me in a lawn chair, in my freshly mowed lawn with my feet in a kiddie pool and a beer tucked in a shady spot. Cause, frankly, I’m a bit hipster. And that is how a hipster rolls. (I can say the beer is not PBR, I like to drink the nice stuff at home.)

I should probably note that I live near the Oregon Coast (ie – how can water get that cold and still not freeze??) where only the under-12 set and the bold/crazy can be found in the water.

All other swimming activities are done in a pool (mainly city pools because well, I know like 2 people who have their own pool – did I mention we’re in Oregon?)

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