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LTP: 7/25

I have a startling number of very fancy dresses. This is startling for the only reason that I never go anywhere fancy. Sometimes I like to imagine where I might wear these sparkly frocks, and I’ve come up with some pretty entertaining choices, like state dinners or premieres of movies based on my favorite books. Today’s LTP question: if you were invited to one fancypants event, what would it be, and what would you wear?

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I love my prom dresses. My junior prom dress was a black and sparkly halter thing that I paid $7.50 for. It is totally my Golden Globes or Tonys dress. My senior prom dress is this orange and pink gradient gown with little silver sparklies. I even had a proper updo done. I don’t know where a dress like that would be appropriate, but I love it. Maybe the Kids’ Choice Awards? It would go well with some green slime.

Aside from the necessary shin dig in a ruffly pink dress, I’ve always wanted to go to a debutant ball. Can’t really say why, just that it sounds so incredibly fancy and posh.

I’d have to consult the etiquette team and manual on the appropriate outfit but it would need to be lacy, poofy and require fancy underpinnings. :) If’ I’m going to go all out, I want to commit to this alloutness.

But my heels would be bitchin. Trust.

I’d love to be some attractive actor’s date to the Oscars, and I think I’d wear my senior prom dress! It was a black halter dress that was fitted through the bodice and then poofed just the right amount into a full skirt, and it had silver sparkly bits concentrated around the waist and scattering up and down the dress. (A lot Olivia Wilde’s most recent Golden Globes dress, actually.) It was comfortable and it made me feel like I looked amazing, and that’s a really great feeling.

I *love* dressing up, but I live in casual town (Tucson) and so I have to be happy with my fancy little black dresses. I don’t need to be invited to any fancy-pants event; I wear my fancy dresses to any event that even barely calls for it. I am quite used to be over-dressed, and I don’t care.

I would be accepting my Oscar, or possibly my Grammy, in a classically styled 1940’s gown, the kind with full cowl neck and sleek bias-cut skirt like Kim Bassinger had in L.A. Confidential, either in cream or a deep smoky purple. Or possibly a light smoky lavender. Not that I’ve ever imagined it or anything :P

First point, I had a spate of fancy dresses and bridesmaid dresses that I got for various fancy events that I’d end up wearing once and then they wouldn’t quite fit the tone of the next fancy thing, so I’d have to get a new one, and my closet had bunches of them just hanging out there unused, some of which I moved from like three different apartments, and it was a little absurd. Anyway, last spring, I saw an ad for a donate-your-fancy-dresses-here thing, and then girls from low income families had the opportunity to go and pick out dresses for free so that they could go to prom. I know how hard it is for me to find dresses that fit when I have the money, time, and luxury to shop all over looking for them, so I did a clean sweep and donated all but the most versatile one. I felt really, really good about it.

Anyway, I always thought it would be cool to be invited to a state dinner. The other day, I had a dream that the President and Michelle Obama were part of an outdoor panel discussion that took place up the street from my house. I was invited, and then the First Lady and I became BFFs. So, you know, as Michelle Obama’s BFF, I would be invited to a state dinner, and I’d wear some delightfully bright royal blue dress with a full skirt. Or something.

The Golden Globes, obviously as the date of someone super famous, very charming, and ridiculously good looking. I’d wear a very simple, elegant designer frock that his stylist helped me find. The Golden Globes seem like they’d be the most fun since you get to sit at a table drinking and chatting with people.

*GASP* Oh I’m so happy you asked this! It always reminds me of my prom dress. I love my prom dress. It’s black and white and big and fluffy and can’t be shortened. I wish I could wear it to places. With white opera gloves. I think I would wear it to…hm. Someplace like those balls that you see in movies, where everyone has fans. Also, it would be a sophisticated place, not like my prom.

ah… a fancy pants event….
In all reality, I used to have a friend that tried to get me to go to all sorts of strange events where you had to wear one of those flashy gowny thingies… and I refused. I.don’ fancy.

I own one “fancy” dress, a bridesmaid dress. The next time I get asked to be IN a wedding. I am declining and wearing my interview suit. (snore)

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