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Lunchtime Poll – 7/20

I was walking past a record store the other day when I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I purchased a physical CD.  I think the last CD I owned was given to me as a gift at least three years ago.  And I’ve never been one to buy records, at least not since records were the only thing you could buy.  Some people still buy records for the nostalgia or hipster value, obviously, but I don’t think I know anyone who still buys CDs.  Do any of you? How about records? Tapes? 8-tracks? If so, why? Let us know for today’s lunchtime poll!

By Luci Furious

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We have two record stores in my city, the smaller store being better for vinyl and the larger one being better for CDs, DVDs, VHS, etc. I swing by the bigger one on occasion, and poke through their CDs for deals. Last time I was there I bought 7 CDs for under $20. I was beside myself with joy over my haul that day. I try to stay away from there most of the time, lest I buy half the store. Most of the time, I get music from Amazon, either on sale or free. If it’s a artist I love, I’ll pay full price for it.

I’ll buy CDs for artists I really like that I have most of their other CDs. The most recent CD I bought was… umm… Ricky Martin. I think. (Don’t judge). I’ve found I like the CDs because I can still listen to them in the car, and it’s easier to listen to ALBUMS the whole way through (iPod is always on shuffle). Most of the time I will buy mp3’s though. Instant gratification and such.

I have a gift certificate for a music store that I plan to use to buy some old, used CDs. Once I load them onto my computer, I give them to my mom. She likes to listen to them in the car. (my car’s cd player died two years ago…)

Also! Last Saturday at a benefit concert I WON two sets of CDs (in a row!) from local labels. A total of 12 CDs and 5 vinyls. :D I’ve already loaded them onto my computer and burned copies for the “brother” away at school. He’s going to send me some of his stuff as a trade-off. STOKED. And the friend that hosted the benefit has asked for copies – and we’ll trade as well. CDs mean sharing and sharing is caring. And hot damn, so much music!!!

I download most records, but there are still a handful of Canadian artists whose CDs I’ll still buy because I really want to support them. The last CD I bought was David Usher’s excellent “Mile End Sessions” which was an acoustic album of all of his older stuff. I adore it.

Mt boyfriend is really into records as he insists it sounds better. Perhaps it does, but I can’t tell the difference.

I buy vinyl records, and most of them come with a download code so I can get the music into my iPod. To me CDs are useless waste. I put them into my computer, then toss the physical CD in a closet or something and never look at it again. Also, the sound quality is crap on most of them.

I don’t understand the hipster nostalgia for cassettes. The reason vinyl is still around is that it actually sounds better than other formats. Tapes sound worse, and they don’t hold up over time. It makes no sense to me.

I’m 25 and I still buy CDs. My car is funny about playing burned CDs, and I can’t afford nor do I want to buy an iPod. owned one before and didn’t wind up liking it all that much.

I don’t like listening to the radio in the car either. The last CD I bought was Born This Way. I have to like at least four songs on a disc to buy it, though, so I don’t purchase them willy-nilly. Also with the way DRM and other bullshit anti-piracy things are going, I’m pleased that I still have a CD collection in the event that my music on my computer is wiped out because it wasn’t backed up, or its backup dies too. I don’t trust Apple as a content provider, and I don’t pay for music from them ever, despite having an old version of iTunes to organize my music. I haven’t updated in a several years because I did one update, hated the new interface and went right back to an older version. All my music is in mp3 form too, because you can’t share m4as and other kinds of files so easily. I wonder if this makes me subversive or just obsolete.

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