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Lunchtime Poll – 7/6/11

You all know that we love food here at Persephone.  And I love creating LTPs based on what I’m doing.  Tonight’s culinary adventure is to try to recreate Amy’s broccoli and cheese pot pie at home. I don’t think it will be that hard because it’s just veggies and cheese in a crust, but I manage to fail miserably whenever I try to recreate a favorite dish.

So how about you all? Have you ever tried to copy a dish at home? How did it turn out? Is this something you do on the regular, or do you prefer to leave it to the pros?  And finally if you have any recipes for a broccoli and cheddar pot pie, hit me up, ‘cuz I’m a little concerned here.  I’ve got like 6 hours to figure it out!

By Luci Furious

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YES! I have a pot roast curse so a friend gave me her cherished, foolproof, Dr. Pepper pot roast recipe. I managed to turn a nice piece of beef into something that resembled a giant rubber bouncy ball. It was the last straw, I haven’t tried pot roast since.

Tip for the pot pie. The less added water/moisture the better. This goes for any pot pie dish.

I have tried miserably to recreate the panang curry dish made by the thai place that used to be just blocks away from me (I moved, not the place – it is gloriously still there for emergency meals, just further away…). I can never fully master the deliciousness. I now make a fine yellow curry sauce with various meats and vegetables but not the beloved panang.

(Great, now I’m going to have a craving…)

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