My Love Affair With Questionable Fashion

I have an ongoing love affair with questionable fashion. Now, when I say questionable, I don’t mean like giving it the side-eye, “What in the hell is that and why are you wearing it?” fashion where I make a condescending judgment call. I mean the stuff that makes my 9-5 work day outfits pale in comparison, yet make my heart skip an excited beat. The stuff that Kelis can rock hard in a video, yet the actuality of me wearing it in my regular life seems slightly ridiculous. Possibly circus themed.

I’m a jeans-and-whatever-shirt-I-have-that’s-clean type of gal. While I often imagine myself wearing Alexander McQueen to the office, strutting into the subway like honeybadger don’t  give a shit, I unfortunately, go to the realm of the easy, the manageable and the attainable. But this is New York, kids. Ladies ain’t making it easy. There isn’t nearly a day I get on the subway and see someone with the most well-put-together outfit that makes me think, “Do you work in Narnia? Please take me there.” Because if it were up to me, it would be silver glitter platform boots and a full body cheetah cat suit, possible whip included. And let’s make that glitter everywhere, these are the outfits of my dreams.

Most of this fashion isn’t necessarily unattainable or impossible”“ it’s just not realistic as far as the realistic dress code of my day-to-day goes. How I long to channel circa 2000, pink-haired Gwen Stefani.

Actually, let’s put multiple colors of hair in there…

Oh, purple. Image courtesy of
Channeling Juicy Fruit. Image courtesy of Denise Krentz

But really, if I could, I would channel Betty Davis, “They Say I’m Different” era.

A spacesuit? With blue platforms (note the feathery trim) and gold hoops?  When I walk down the street, it’s what I imagine I have on– my power outfit. Not to be outdone, but Davis was no stranger to ripping it up casually either.

Silver glitter boots and jean cut offs, yes, please, thank you. Image courtesy of
Equally amazing in zebra print. Image courtesy of light in the attic records

There’s something quite liberating in the ability to dress fantastically. This writer might be waxing poetically or even barking up the wrong tree, but it’s one of my deep-rooted hopes to be able to go to work in full Cher regalia.

I imagine this hairpiece on while faxing. Cher, image courtesy of

It might seem frivolous, but I do believe in the transformative power of clothing– not only on one’s self, but on others. The fact that my taste seem to dwell in the realm of hyper feminine and rainbow-glitter-madness, is one that I really relish.  And the more flamingo palate makeup, the better.

What about you, Persephone folk? If it weren’t for the day-to-day or the scrutinizing public eye, what would you lavishly prance around in? Would you at all? Do you ever dream to channel something more outrageous and impractical, yet indulgent and over-the-top?

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Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday because its the one day of the year I can dress the way I would everyday if allowed. I LOVE playing dress up! If I could, I would dress a different way every day – iconic Elizabethan Era gown one day, and Indian Bridal Sari the next. And my hair would be blue – royal blue.

If I didn’t have a job that involved presenting myself well to clients and big head types, you could guarantee there would be violet, blue and maroon streaks in my hair. Maybe some orange in the summer to lighten it up a bit.

I wish I could wear flip-flops and shorts every day and wear tee-shirts so well worn they become cashmere soft and probably just a bit too sheer. But alas, the office requires business casual and close-toes shoes. Doesn’t mean my nail polish can’t be Electrifying though! A girl has to get her energy out somehow. :)

My nail polish has varied from deep-dark Plum to the same white used for french tips (Very White). I’ve made them two-tone and three-tone. Black. Gold (the current color). But, when I am in Business Travel Mode, I switch to Baby Blue or Lavender. And I taught my 3 yr old cousin to paint her nails, so that will be fun (for her AND her parents) :)

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