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Working at a place with constant overhead music that is the same rotation of 40 songs has really expanded my music horizons. I always have a song stuck in my head from my job’s soundtrack, and when I finally get around to looking it up I am always surprised at the artist.  Today’s song is no exception.

If this is a song that gets played regularly on the radio, I’ve never heard it. I like it, though, and since it’s the song I’ve been humming for the past week, it gets today’s feature in my Open Thread.  So what do you Gaga fans (or not) think of this one? Good? Bad? Holy crap Luci it’s all over the place how have you not heard it? Let me know!

By Luci Furious

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I like this song (I’m a Lady Gaga fan) but the video is so meh.

It reminds me of Gail in Sin City so it’s hard to connect the images to the song… Especially when you consider Lady Gaga’s previous videos. The girl can do so much better.

Also, it’s really time we brought back the saxophone interludes. :) (I’ve heard a recent Katy Perry single with sax as well) More musicians in music! Yah!

Did anyone watch Roseanne’s Nuts last night on Lifetime? Sometimes her family “riles her up” regarding feminism and I relate to that. My family thinks I’m “too PC” and they always say something that they know will piss me off. Sometimes it’s lighthearted and even they disagree with what they’re saying but other times they’re dead serious and they can’t believe how liberal I am (as if that’s a flaw!).

I just made an $1800 dollar mistake.

My day job is actually three jobs, all of them part-time freelance work through a popular freelancing site. One of those jobs pays very well. Turns out, I was logged into a different job for all of the hours I worked at the good paying job. The freelance site has monitoring software that takes screenshots and records keystrokes and you have be logged into the right job, but all three jobs are called by only letter names in the software, and I thought I was in the right room.

So! I don’t get paid for the last three weeks of work I’ve done. Yay. Looks like it’s another couple of weeks of bananas and cheese sandwiches.

I’m going to be in the corner, rocking.

I actually only listen to public radio in Canada, which is mostly talk radio and rarely plays music, let alone top 40 type things, so I’m always discovering songs way after they were popular, which is cool with me.

I actually don’t mind Lady Gaga’s singles, and this is no exception. They’re fun and upbeat and good work-out fare or private dance party stuff. I’ve heard it before, but only because one of my close buddies is a Gaga-freak and sends me all the new songs when they come out whether I want to hear them or not. :)

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