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Open Thread: Shakespearean Style

YOU GUYS. Check this out. My friend found this and put it on Facebook and it does not have nearly the number of hits it deserves. Let’s do our part, fellow nerdyladies! It’s an impressionist doing a speech from Shakespeare in the voice of many different men. It’s delightful.

In other news, feel free to bitch about the weather and such. I’ll just say my fuse is shorter than usual. And I feel really bad for the stray cats that spend a lot of time in my yard and I’d take them in if I weren’t certain they would eat my bunnies.

Anyway, happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here.

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I am on the West Coast. It is not blistering hot here. I know most of you are all melted and are probably moderately stinky, but it’s almost the end of July. I’d really like to hit the beach, thank you very much. *Shakes fist at the weather-related PTB*

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