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Origins Gaming Convention Recap

Origins Gaming Convention

Since I’m a huge geek and love to travel, I went to Origins Gaming Convention August 23-25. It was tons of fun. I have recapped the convention for y’all.


We rolled into Columbus at about midnight the previous night, so we were plenty rested for Thursday. I hadn’t pre-registered, because life likes messing with me if I try to plan too much, so got to wait in the day-of registration line. As it turns out, one of my friends was volunteering at the booth I ended up at. Since one of the main reasons I go to these events is to catch up with friends who I only really see a few times a year, things were off to a nice start.

Art Room

Early on Thursday, my friend Claire and I hit up the art room. Since we were there early, I got to chat with a bunch of artists. Ren Hastings, in particular, was super nice. I am interested in trying out custom dolls, and she gave me a ton of tips. Her website isn’t set up yet or I’d provide a link. I also chatted with Jeffrey Scott, whose images originally turned me away, but we got into an interesting discussion on feminism. I am still not sure how I feel about his artwork. The gist of the conversation is that he does show women in compromising positions, but it’s not supposed to be a portrayal of something good. Basically, a lot of the women portrayed are as objects, but that is as a commentary on the objectification of women. I think. You can see his website at to see for yourself and decide (warning: Incredibly NSFW and has a lot of triggers, including bondage with questionable consent, self-injury, nudity”¦ yeah.


The convention center is located near North Market, which has a bunch of food options, and is also above a food court. North Market has Jeni’s Ice Cream, which is not to be missed. Seriously. I had both Riesling Poached Pear and Cherry Lambic ice cream. If you don’t think that’s awesome, I don’t know if we can be friends.

On Thursday night, I accidentally ate a piece of pepper and found out that my allergies aren’t yet at the point where my throat closes all the way. (Yes, I will be seeing my doctor about getting an epi-pen) Then, on Friday night, at the hotel/convention center bar (which was crowded but had very nice bartenders. A few jerks, but that allowed me to use the line, “Because I have better tits than you” to a dude, so it evened out), I found out that you’re not supposed to drink that soon after a severe allergic reaction.

Dealer’s Room

I had a very small budget for this con, but still perused the dealer’s room. There were some great clothing vendors. Some overpriced clothing vendors, but others that were very reasonable. There was a fabulous purple and black, leather and suede ladies’ Victorian hat with a bunch of feathers that I coveted. It was a very reasonable price considering the ridiculously high quality, but was still out of my price range. Ultimately, I bought one Shadowrun book and a few collections of Cthulu short stories, since I have never actually read any of it but have helped run several games.


Considering that this was a gaming convention, I played games. Shadowrun (cyberpunk funtimes, more information at their website here) and Silvervine (fantasy/sci-fi/everything mashup with very open character creation [I play a pixie who is capable of suplexing a rhinoceros], more info at their website here)  were the main two that I played. I had a great group with the Shadowrun game, in particular, even though one character didn’t get to use his Gauss Rifle (I spoke with the player later, and he did get to use it in a later game.)

I did also help to run a Cthulu LARP, which was a bunch of fun. I can’t really say much without giving spoilers, but I’ll just say that ain’t nobody had sanity points at the end of it.


I missed Origins last year due to my sister’s wedding, and will be missing GenCon this year (thanks, work schedule and my distinct lack of a travel budget). I am very glad I was able to attend this year, because it’s always a fun event and a good opportunity to see my Convention Friends (i.e. those people who I only see at these large events). Things at registration seemed to be running smoothly, and the events I attended were a bunch of fun. Hoping next year to be able to attend more seminars, since learning = awesomesauce.


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Awesome recap of the con! I’m from Columbus but didn’t really get into RPGs until I moved over near Indiana, so I’ve actually never been to Origins. Now I just go to GenCon (super-excited for this year!). Shadowrun and the Cthulhu LARP sound like a blast. Are the big games at Origins pretty much the same ones as at GenCon? D&D, Magic, Warhammer, Settlers of Catan, and stuff? Or is other stuff highlighted? And, what were some of the cooler seminars offered?

Also, North Market and Jeni’s are the stuff.

I highly recommend hitting up Origins some year if you can! It’s tons of fun, and a great excuse to go to Columbus.

I know the three games mentioned (Shadowrun, Silvervine, and the Cthulu LARP) will all be at GenCon. And, yes, basically the same games. The two cons have a different energy, though. Origins seems to be the more relaxed of the two. The lines are definitely shorter, at least.

I know that there were a bunch of writing and world-building seminars. I don’t have my con book anymore to look up the specifics. I’m pretty sure there are more seminars at Origins than at GenCon, but might be wrong on that. GenCon usually has quite a few.

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