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Send Us The Worst Magazine Sex Tips You’ve Ever Seen!

Longtime Persephone Magazine readers may remember one of our early columns, in which we followed some crappy sex advice from Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health and then wrote about what happened…(You can find that post here.)

Well, we were thinking it might be fun/entertaining/awful to do that again, and we want to hear from you: what are some of the worst sex tips you’ve seen in magazines? We want to hear the funniest awkward suggestions and “but bodies don’t work like that” instructions you’ve encountered, and we’re willing to put our dignity on the line to test out some of them to see what happens.

(Naturally, we reserve the right to veto anything yeast-infection-causing or that involves doing it in the water.)

A cartoon man and woman presumably have intercourse while spooning in a canoe.
Yeah, no. Not fucking in a canoe. Image from

You can leave comments on this post with the best worst advice, or you can send us suggestions via our e-mail or our Tumblr, which we link to below. You don’t need to quote the magazines word for word or anything, but it would be good to know the magazine it’s from so we can poke fun at it accordingly.


Keep the great questions coming! (Hee.) Got a ques­tion to ask, subject you’d like us to dis­cuss, or myth you’d like us to bust? You can e-mail us at, and we’ve also set up a Tum­blr for the sole pur­pose of receiv­ing com­pletely anony­mous ques­tions here.

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