Stevie Nicks, How I Love Thee

I have never been big on the whole boho-chic style. I usually prefer cleaner, simpler and more classic pieces. All that changed one night when we turned on the Fleetwood Mac music channel on my friend’s television.

It’s one of those channels that plays the band’s music and scrolls through a slideshow of pictures. The persona that Stevie Nicks created with stylist Margi Kent is one that is undeniably unique and ethereal. Long, flowing, fringe-laden dresses, ankle-straining platforms, scarves and shawls and accessories that she piled on to magnificent effect. Stevie Nicks’ style is epic. As I watched the same images play over and over while also obtaining a bit of a contact high from the pot smoking going on around me, my mind focused in on my desperate need for an amazing pair of Stevie platforms.

Perfection. Stuart Weitzman made my life.

The shoes were only the beginning of what would soon become an obsession. Never one to over-accessorize, I suddenly became a hippie bracelet junkie. I spend every night on the couch tying knots in string and beading everything in sight. Long chain necklaces, feather adorned earrings, huge rings the size of an eyeball; I started piling them on. I discovered yet another reason to hate the heat- it limits my ability to wear multiple scarves at all times. Stevie has infected my mind, my body, my soul, and it feels good.

Behold, a Polyvore set to lust after!


I love Stevie Nicks


I love Stevie Nicks by kymy_49 featuring lace up boots

Floral dress
$50 –

Sheer maxi dress
$68 –

Akira crochet vest
$37 –

Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels
$525 –

Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots
95 –

Minnetonka fringe bag
$50 –

Haute Hippie leather necklace
$148 –

Boho bracelet
€12 –

H M braiding cord bracelet
5.99 –

Linea Pelle wrap bracelet
$40 –

Haute Hippie leather belt
$395 –

Chan Luu long silk scarve
$41 –

Feather hair accessory
$12 –

I love the idea of starting with a simple white maxi dress. How comfy do those look? I tried to start with something comfortable to balance out the 5-6″ heels. I love high heels, I wear them every single day (I am wearing my 5″ Stevie platforms pictured above today), but I realize they aren’t for everyone. However, while the two pairs shown here are exceptionally tall, they both have a substantial platform, meaning they put much less stress on your ankles and the balls of your feet. I know I am not going to convince some of you, but I honestly find heels more comfortable than flats most of the time. Those 5″ heels above? I can wear them all day and into the night, have walked well over a mile in them today alone. If I wear flats, I have blisters by lunch. I feel like Hank Azaria’s character in The Birdcage in flats; the part where they make him put on shoes and he stumbles around everywhere? That’s me in flats. I only walk properly with some height.

Starting with a blank slate like the white dress gives you so many options when it comes to the layering. I tried to keep the pieces reasonably priced, save for a couple items (which was insanely difficult because goodness are there some awesome yet awesomely expensive Stevie-worthy pieces out there), not only because I am cheap but because this style requires a lot of pieces and I don’t want to break the bank on one outfit. The Jeffrey Campbell platform boots come in a ton of different colors and I am coveting them like mad right now. My friend had them on the other day and I wanted to rip them off her feet and take them home to love them forever. The Haute Hippie Snake Belt is way out of my price range, but too amazing not to share. The best way to replicate this item is to hit thrift and vintage stores and scour them for belt buckles. There are some amazing pieces out there. When it comes to accessories, H&M is a great source for super cheap fun stuff, as is Forever 21, though shopping there is problematic for many, rightfully so.

Etsy is also a fantastic resource for unique and often affordable pieces. Some of my favorite shops for these types of items are: – I am particularly fond of their double-finger rings. – random vintage clothes and awesome (though a little pricey) shawls. – super cool accessories at very reasonable prices. – absolutely stunning jewelry, including a beautiful “Lady Nicks” necklace that I may have to purchase…

And last but most certainly not least, for those of you with little ones in your life that you may not be able to adorn with tons of choking hazard jewelry and fringe just yet –

Gotta start ’em young!

Special thanks to SmikinChix for letting me use this photo

Anybody else ever find themselves completely going against their usual style after random inspiration from somewhere? Any other places or shops that you can recommend to fuel my Stevie mania? Happy looking/shopping!

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