The Official Persephone Harry Potter Open Thread

Yarrrrr, mateys, in the comments be spoilers aplenty.  Proceed at your own risk.  Plus, a spoilery .gif after the cut. 

By request of the lovely and talented fifthpevensie, who, IMHO, is way more fun than the first four Pevensies, we’re holding an all-HP open thread this weekend.  The regular OT is still on the schedule, it’ll be up in about fifteen minutes, but this one is for the HP fans who want to talk about the movie without spoiling anyone.

Have fun! And make sure to run the vacuum and clean up all the floo powder before you leave.  That stuff’ll stain.

Thanks, seekwill!

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Am I a bad former-HP fan because I am tired of the hype? People did the same thing when Friends ended. It’s not the end of an era, it’s a movie. I don’t know, I was more upset when the last book came out. I’ve lost intrest in the movies and haven’t seen 6 or either part of 7. Part of that has to do with being in college these past few years and being busy with school/work. It also has to do with studying film. I have a lot higher expectations for movies now. When my film professor said he would ruin movies for me, he wasn’t kidding. Adopting feminism also puts a damper on seeing movies, because afterwards I feel required to analyze whether or not the female characters can be considered “feminists.”

That being said, I am not fed up with HP itself. I still like the series and the characters. I feel bad for the franchise that the last couple movies have come out in a period where EVERYTHING (it seems, especially if you’re like me and live in the ‘burbs) is a sequal/remake about people with superpowers (like magic). I will watch the movies eventually, when I want to. I just feel so pressured to pay lots of money in the theatre. No thanks.

I have seen a bunch of articles online about just about everything having to do with HP. And I feel really conflicted, having been a former fan and now seeing stuff that’s either treats Rowling like a messiah of literature of the anti-christ. I’ve seen a lot of feminists call her out for slut-shaming certain characters. I am curious to see what the ladies on here think about the supposed feminism or sexism of Rowlings characters are. I figure that no one’s perfect at being a feminist, so even if she intended to write characters with that slant, some people still might not see it that way.

I went at midnight with a group of friends, which is the way to go. We got there 2 hours ahead of time to get decent seats, but it was a good time because HP nerds are fun people. There was a woman doing henna tattoos of the Deathly Hallows symbol, people playing twister, and a guy in a seriously awesome Lucius Malfoy costume.
I was really happy with the movie. They did change a lot of things, but I thought most of it was justified. I wish Fred would have gotten more screen time, but his death was still incredibly sad. There were TONS of people sobbing in the theater. I didn’t cry, but I did make some sort of rage noise when they showed Tonks and Lupin’s bodies, because I am still not over that.
But overall, I think it was just about perfect. Yeah, I wish Harry would have fixed his wand before he snapped the Elder Wand in half, and I got kind of nitpicky about Harry and Voldemort’s final showdown, but those complaints don’t even compare to the ways I’ve bitched about some of the other movies. The Snape flashbacks and the walk to the forest were wonderful, I was impressed with Daniel Radcliffe’s acting, and even the epilogue was better without all of the book’s narration. And Minerva McGonagall is a badass.

With you on the Fred part!!! Not that it made any difference to how emotional I got, but I hear you.
Blew my nose so, SO hard at Tonks and Lupin’s bodies, oh goodness, I couldn’t even deal. They were one couple that I wish had gotten more screen time in the series in general.

I was never happy with the way Tonks was treated in the movies. She’s one of my favorite characters, but I felt like the reasons I love her never really came through on screen. And they completely glossed over the marriage/pregnancy plot. Which is fine (there’s a lot that has to go into the movie), but they still included Harry’s line to Remus about his son. Oh well. None of that changed the fact that the shot of them on the floor was probably the saddest part of the movie for me.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the theatre I was at cried through the whole thing on some level. There were so many sniffles!
Also, there was a guy dressed up as Mad-Eye, and the likeness was just uncanny. It was amazing. So a friend and I may have walked behind him to the crosswalk and hollered “Constant vigilance!” after him. :)
All in all, I loved. Almost all the scenes I hoped I would see I would, save the re-write of Ron and Hermione’s kiss? I was so excited for the SPEW part!!! though I guess it wasn’t really a big part of the movies to begin with… but I was looking forward to Harry’s “Oi! There’s a war going on!”
Everything Snape just made me cry, and Helena Bonham-Carter playing Hermione playing Bellatrix was so, so good!
But… okay. The weird and awkward Voldemort hug? Hilarious. What was going on there?

Yay! Movie! I really liked it, and was very satisfied. The one thing that I wish they had included from the books was when McGonagall makes the speech to the Slytherins about choosing their allegiance, then some of them actually stay and fight for Hogwarts. I didn’t like how they all got shuffled down to the dungeons right away. Too black and white for me. There must have been some loyal and brave ones in the bunch.

I reblogged a gif this morning on my tumblr and got yelled at by someone for spoiling them. I haven’t responded, but I always thought that spoiler warnings were more the courtesy than the rule. I had tagged it, wrongly assuming that people would be using tumblr savior. I mean, I totally understand not wanting to know what the movie would look like, but I think anyone’s best bet would be to avoid social networking platforms where posting pictures of big events and fandoms is kind of the deal. I don’t know, maybe I’m off the mark. I just don’t like being called “selfish” for using tumblr for what it was meant to be used for. (feeling bad for myself) (internet rants)

if you email the .gif to me I’ll double up the spoiler warning and put it in the post. : ) selena at persephonemagazine etc.

I’m still on the third book and the I’ve seen parts of several of the movies, b/c I made my Tivo pick them up last week and I kept turning around from my desk and watching a few minutes here and there. As a result, I’m mostly confused, but was tickled to see Suprise!Tennant and Surprise!Oldman. And I think I like the blonde girl who seems a bit fluffy but saves the day several times. Your spoilers don’t scare me, however. I have always had a weakness for spoilers.

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