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This Open Thread is Filled with Red Velvet Doughnuts

I got a mini doughnut maker for Christmas last year, and last night I decided that what I wanted more than anything else was a plate full of red velvet doughnuts.  After making my kitchen look like a crime scene and deciding never to use the doughnut maker again, I made some red velvet cupcakes.

Enjoy the pictures, and then fill up this here open thread will all your wise weekend thoughts.



These are some sad ass doughnuts.

It’s like I put a Muppet through a waffle iron.  Clean up took four times as long as baking.  My counter is still a little pink.

After realizing I could only use about 1tsp of batter per doughnut, I said screw it, and made cupcakes.


Icing and sparkle sugar are the Spanx of baking.

This one is just for you, reader.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Red velvet doughnuts? Yes, please.

I had the longest, most exhausting week ever. I conducted about 20-ish interviews in four days. My entire plan for today: lounge around in bed and only move when the hunger is too much to bear.

Naturally, that means I got called into work. Heaven help the first difficult client who gets in front of me today. I am in no mood for nonsense.

It’s not worth the work involved. Get him a cupcake tin.

Plus, it didn’t come with instructions, so I wasted a lot of batter figuring out how much to put in each hole, and I wasn’t entirely sure cake batter was what I should have been using to begin with. Cupcakes are 1. bigger, 2. easier and C. less messy.

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