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This Open Thread was Made with Love

It’s that time again, dear readers, when we run away for the weekend to deal with the real world.  Until we’re back on Monday, here’s an open thread for you to play with.

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I hope everyone had a great weekend! I still have one day left in mine (yay, Mondays off!!), so I’m going to stay up late scrubbing our floors.

Anyways, what’s up with Ron Paul? I have a few friends who say he’s the shit, but then I saw somewhere that he’s horrible. I tried googling him, but it was all positives. Which is it?

Ron Paul is, like, a Libertarian God.

He’s against war, and pro-legalization of all drugs, hard and soft.

On the other hand, he doesn’t want the government interfering with ANYTHING, so he hates the federal reserve and wants to get us back on the gold standard, which most economists view as impractical and likely impossible. He’s also pro-gun and was against civil rights and disability legislation.

Against. CIVIL RIGHTS. And. DISABILITY. Legislation.

The people who love him love him because they’re hardcore libertarians. The people who hate him hate him because they believe that libertarianism is completely impractical and that saying “the market will take care of it” is about as effective as eating spoonfuls of sugar instead of medicine (yeah, I’m one of those people.)

One respect in which he’s inconsistent with true libertarianism is that he’s anti-choice. So some libertarians don’t like him because of that, but I don’t like him because I see him as an unbelievably privileged white man with the resources and ability to let other people rely on their bootstraps.

He does, however, seem like a nice guy. Like, to have a beer with, or something.

Sorry, that was LONNNG.

Just saw the last Harry Potter movie. I hadn’t been able to read the final book and say goodbye to the characters and the world. Finally, husband said, “You need to get this over with.”

So we went tonight.

I made it all the way through the movie and back to the car before I became a puddle of mascara and eyeliner. Had an understanding husband. :’)


Okay, I’m done now.

I sabotaged my chance at a potentially awesome threesome last night by drinking too much! Some debauchery still ensued after a couple hours’ unconsciousness but it was very tame. So now I have hopefully arranged a rain check for a few weeks’ time. EXCITED AND SCARED.

Ugh, ladies, I had a stupid moment yesterday and forgot to take my pill. My boyfriend is home tomorrow after more than a month away, and this is the moment my brain forgets to take the pill. So instead of some hot reunion sex tomorrow, we’ll have to have a responsible discussion about the virtues of condoms+/withdrawal, and then have slightly-less-hot reunion sex. RARRGH.
Silly, silly brain.

I don’t know what pill you take, but generally there’s nothing to worry about if skip one dose: you take it as soon as you remember and continue on with your schedule. When you skip two or three days, then you have problems. That’s my understanding anyway.

I find I’ve been really lax lately, and not on purpose. But after years of rigid, obsessive pill-taking, my brain has started to randomly forget–clearly my biological clock is attempting sabotage my efforts. Anyway, so I’ve had a few slips, and found that to be the case with my pills. Skipping one = OK.

I took it more than 24 hours late – the insert says this means I’ve to go for the 7-day rule. The most up-to-date guidelines for GPs (here) agree with you and say that one pill doesn’t matter. I’m not particularly worried either way, to be honest, but my boyfriend is likely to be more paranoid than me. I’m just annoyed at the interruption to the spontaneity:) But should come up with ways to stop my biological clock sabotaging me:)

Hi ladies! Just dropping in to ask, since I’ve suddenly had an opportunity thrust upon me, do any of you have experience working with autistic children? Babysitting job came up, there’s a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, and the son has autism. He’s nonverbal and very hyperactive. Though I’ve had lots of experience working with children, I haven’t encountered this particular hurdle before, and I was wondering if anybody had any tips for a first meeting with the family. Thanks all!

I would say read up a bit on ASD in children that age, and then let the parents take the lead. Very likely, they’ll be very aware of how their son copes with certain things, what might trigger problematic behaviour, and also what he enjoys, and they’ll be happy to tell you. Does he use sign to communicate?
I haven’t looked after any child with ASD one-on-one, but have in a group, and I’ve often been surprised by how well they do and how much I enjoyed working with them.

I worked with kids with autism for 13 years!

I’d make sure to have plenty of opportunities to get to know your new friend before it’s just you and them. Kids with autism can have a hard time with any change, getting to know a new person well enough to feel comfortable around them can take a while. Have long talks with his parents about what he needs, and what to expect from him in different situations, especially stressful situations. Let the boy get to know you on his own terms, don’t force it. At first, instead of playing with him, play next to him, for example. Non-verbal kids still communicate, which you’ll figure out pretty quickly.

The best advice I’d have is to get to know him like you’d get to know any three year old, by watching and learning from him. If you hit a struggle or a particular challenge, feel free to pm me and I’ll see if I can help!

Definitely listen to Selena :) She the expert! I’ve worked with kids with autism too.

The one piece of advice that I have is to get to know what is part of having autism and what is part of a 3 year old being a 3 year old. Don’t be afraid to give consequences just because he has autism.

What’s he frustrated for? Are you the only one responsible for idea generation? Well. Is there a museum or art exhibit worth stopping by? A decent band playing somewhere? Maybe a jazz or blues club, if that’s your thing? If this is an afternoon date, you could pack a picnic for the park–bring some music or a frisbee or books, whatever. I’m an old lady myself but I’m always amused by cooking dinner and playing board games like Scrabble, which for us inevitably leads to sexytimes. Competition really does it for me.
Anyway, ahem. I hope that helps.

My husband is usually the sort who always makes me come up with ideas for dates or trips out, too. I’m comfy with this arrangement most of the time, but sometimes, I just come up with nothing.

When that happens, I tell him that he needs to come up with an idea for what to do and surprise me. Since he’s only responsible for coming up with the tiniest fraction of our plans, he’s always happy to do this for me.

If your boy balks, well then, he gets to enjoy a night in with you, hanging around, doing nothing special, imo!

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