Tuesday Trivia

Two-Part Potter Trivia Part Two Answers

I love how that title is quasi-palindromic.

Again, let me say, you are all Potter geniuses. Here are the answers, for those of you who don’t like reading comments:

  1. Who is the surprise witness for the defense in Harry’s Wizengamot trial? Mrs. Figg
  2. Which O.W.L. exam is Harry taking when he has the vision that sends him off to the Ministry of Magic to save Sirius? History of Magic
  3. Who was the other possible subject of the prophesy about Harry and Voldemort? Neville Freakin’ Longbottom!
  4. What potion (indirectly) helps Ron excel at Quidditch? Felix Felicis
  5. Where are Harry and Hermione during Ron’s Quidditch triumph? Meeting Grawp in the Forbidden Forrest
  6. What are the creepy zombie-ghosts that Harry fights while Dumbledore is retrieving the ring in the cave? Inferi
  7. Luna’s earrings look like what vegetable? Radishes
  8. What are the Deathly Hallows? Resurrection Stone, Elder Wand, and Invisibility Cloak
  9. What is the name of Bill and Fleur’s house? Shell Cottage
  10. What is Luna’s father’s name? Xenophilius Lovegood
  11. How is the ambiguity of the Great Prophesy played out in the final confrontation? It never actually says anything about this, but I liked the symmetry of how the prophesy could have been about either Neville or Harry and in the end it took both Neville and Harry to destroy him – Neville to kill the final horcrux (Nagini), which allowed Harry to kill Voldemort.

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