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We Try It: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Love it!

I’m a make-up minimalist, and that usually includes nail polish.  It’s not that I don’t care for nail polish, but I use my hands so much the polish becomes a chipped mess within a day.  It usually doesn’t make sense to me to spend the time painting my nails when I will be taking it all off in 24 hours.  But lately I have been feeling whimsical and wanted some color.  Specifically I wanted some shade of light purple.

At CVS a couple of weeks ago, I saw a shade I really liked in Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear line.  Virtual Violet.

It was on sale, so I gave it a shot.  I was very impressed.  I wore this nail color for 10 days before taking this photo:

Photo of finger nails showing wear and chipping of nail polish(Please ignore my cracked cuticles. You can tell I don’t spend a lot of time on my manicure upkeep.)

I used no base coat or top coat because I am lazy and impatient.  During those 10 days I did gardening without gloves and landscaping with gloves.  I cleaned the whole house twice.  I emptied the entire contents of my attic.  And I took the kids to the pool a couple times.  (I don’t know why, but going to the pool always turns fatal for my manicures.)  Considering all I did, I was pretty darn impressed with the endurance of this nail polish.  I only had a few chips, and those at the very end of the 10 days.  On most nails the color simply wore of the tips.  I can’t honestly recall how much I spent on this, but I can assure you – I’m REALLY cheap, so it couldn’t have cost much.  Considering the wear I got out of it, I would definitely recommend it!  This has to be the best nail polish I’ve ever used.

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I think I have 4 bottles of this. Light purple, light green, grey, and white. I don’t think that I have tried the purple yet. I am going to have to check out those coupons. The amount I have paid for nail polish is almost unreal. Some people smoke, some gamble, some drink, I buy nail polish.

I found this line and love it! Like you, I hate the instant chipping that usually happens and this works for me too. A word to the wise, though: if you don’t use a bottom coat, the more intense colours will stain your nails, even after you use nail polish remover to get most of it off. It’s pretty faint, but it made my hands look like I was a corpse ( I had been wearing blue nail polish).

I have a bottle of this, and it wore really well…..but I would recommend a base coat. I used a shade of blue, and well, my nails were stained at the end of the week! It did wear really well, and it’s a reasonable price, so I’ll definitely be getting more colors, as well as some kind of base coat to stop the staining!

By combining coupons from and (each for $1.00 off Sally Hansen nail polish) you can buy this for $.04 at Target.

I think I have about 10 different colors now and I agree that they last quite awhile. I recently used a bright orange color “Crushed” and couldn’t help but to sing R.E.M’s Orange Crush the whole time I was painting my nails!

Pic is from just now and I’ve been wearing it with base and top coat (cause I am nail polish obsessed) for almost a week now.
[img] crushed.jpg[/img]

Me too. I’ve never been able to wear fingernail polish. Mine doesn’t even last a day. It just flakes off. Yes, I applied it to clean, un-oily fingernails and used a high quality base coat and let it dry between coats etc. I’ve tried everything. My fingernail chemistry just doesn’t work with polish. I don’t even pick at it, and I work at a desk. It’s uncanny.

Anyway, that leaves the toes, which do manage to keep polish on for 1-2 weeks at a time. And I happen to be wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Virtual Violet” (electric light purple) on them. I applied it around July 5th, and that weekend I went swimming for several hours in a chlorinated pool/hot tub. The polish came off the very tips of the nails, but that’s to be expected. It hasn’t suffered further water abuse, and the polish looks about like it did the day after swimming.

I noticed it did take quite a while to dry the second coat; so much that the morning after I painted them (an hour before I got into bed), the polish was a little dinged up from touching the sheets. I just put on a topcoat of clear shiny polish, and that fixed it. For $2 a bottle, I’m willing to experiment a little more before writing it off completely. And I freakin’ love the colors they have. I personally also like that the $2 bottles are smaller than average; I never use up a bottle of nail polish before it starts to separate and go bad anyway, but somehow I always manage to hang onto the old stuff and try it once in a while (“maybe if I shake the bottle real hard and apply it quickly, it won’t have time to separate again”), always with tragic results.

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