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Weekap Time!

It’s time for the weekly recap, wherein I point you to some cool posts “˜round these parts from the last week.

Pileofmonkeys chimed in with her take on the Casey Anthony verdict outrage.

Harry Potter fan Fifthpevensie planned an outfit for her favorite Harry Potter character.

Filmschooled sang the praises of imperfect female characters.

Just the headline of Paperispatient’s column this week made me laugh. But read on to hear about how it went when she and the Mr. tried out some bad Cosmo sex advice.

Olivia’s great piece explored Arab-American identity in the United States.

Jill took a “scientific” look at baking, with delicious results.

Hidingincanada took an in-depth look at the oft-debated concept of cultural appropriation.

Since she knows her nerdy, bookish audience, Jamie gave us the low-down on book swaps.

And to top it all off, be sure to read Nanna’s spoiler-free review of the latest HP movie.

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