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Weekend Open Thread!

Yay, weekend! Who’s happy to see their friend Friday again?

If the Internets have taught me anything (and I think they have), you’re probably all out watching the last Harry Potter movie. While I’m not a die-hard HP fan, my hats are off to all of you and I hope you love the movie; it’s gotten good reviews. I’m genuinely happy for people who get to enjoy their last taste of a world that means a lot to them. (Now you know why I can’t stop shutting up about The Hobbit. Except no one else around here cares about The Hobbit! Enthusiasm gap!)

So, on that note, how about this delightfully weird video with puppets and singing and stuff?

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This was a brilliantly lazy Sunday, but now I’m off for a late-evening run around the reservoir near my place now that it is slightly less than 100 degrees.

What are we all doing to stay cool, those of us in stifling climates? Would love some recommendations of cool/cold recipes to try.

Cold quinoa salad! Cook up some quinoa (with onions and garlic – I don’t like these raw, so I just put them right in with the quinoa), then let it chill in the fridge for about half an hour. Add lemon juice, a bit of olive oil, and whatever else suits your fancy… I like frozen peas, chopped up green olives, and capers. I sometimes add a can of tuna to mine as well for extra protein. Let it chill for a bit more, and voila! A wonderful nutritious cold meal!

Ohhhh that sounds sooo good.

I had a mad good broccoli bacon mayo salad from Whole Foods that I’m going to attempt (to get my chef-quality-cooking bf) to replicate.

I also like to make a pot of green tea in the morn, every morn. But when it’s hot I can basically only make it through a cup or two! So I just put the rest in a washed out wine bottle and put it in the fridge. So good after a quick jaunt in the heat (for errands, etc). I make mine so light (brew for only a minute!) so it’s especially refreshing to just chug it. Om nom.

A question for the teachers out there: How much time, per day, do you spend on lesson planning, grading, and other class-related activities? I’m at Teach For America Institute right now and most of us work from 8 a.m. to around midnight (if not later) every day without break, and everyone keeps saying that this is a standard work load for teachers. Is that true?

It depends. I always spent the most hours in the beginning of the school year, because I was still learning how each of my kids worked best. Once I knew them and what sort of differentiation they needed, it streamlined my planning time. In the first couple months, 14-16 hour days aren’t uncommon, but once you get into a rhythm, it takes less time to plan. There are still pockets throughout the year when it gets frantic, like around report cards, around testing and during annual case reviews, but I was a special ed teacher, so those times usually meant something a little different than to a gen ed teacher.

You also learn how to manage your time better the longer you teach, because while unexpected things are almost always happening, you learn how to roll with them with experience.

When I taught, I could go the whole day without peeing. That, also, is an acquired skill.

Nope. About an hour in, it had hit so many squick triggers (most sexual assault via coersion and/or gross power imbalances) that I went online to see reviews, etc., which most were all “Isn’t it soooooo romantic that this guy loved this girl soooooo much even though he doesn’t speak a lick of her language that he took away her one avenue of voice and self-expression in order to take advantage of her willing to do anything to get it back?”

I thought of it as a Romantic film in the artistic sense of the word, not the coupley sense – isolation, struggle with nature, etc. etc.
There’s a lot more to the film than the ‘relationship’/relationship between Ada and George, but I can see why you wouldn’t want to keep watching if it’s triggering for you.

Hey all! I’ve posted this on the LOTR Open Thread, but I thought I’d try it over here as well (as it’s a more open topic)….

Hello my dear persephies,

I’ve quite missed the community of fellow bookish women while I’ve been on a sort of “leave” of most social networking sights and I return to ask, humbly, for some traveling tips.

I’m going to London for the Radical Foucault conference and I’m traveling with one-two other students from my school. I’d really like to keep costs down and stay in a hostel in a super sweet, accessible, safe part of the city. Do they exist?

Even if you don’t have hostel thoughts, I’d be thrilled with any London-esque traveling tips or perhaps a meet up for drinks?

I can’t help with you the London thing because I’ve never been. But I googled that conference and it looks so cool. I am envious. Most of it would probably be over my head, I’m pretty new to critical theory, but I find it so exciting.

Are you anywhere near London? I keep tabs on all the conferences in the U.S. so wherever you are, I can probably recommend some rad ones.

I just happen to apply to the London one because I wrote on Foucault and necrophilia (how’s THAT for radical?!). It’s basically cheating because I had necrophilia in the title. It’s mostly about aging and (especially) the female body.

What do you do that led you to critical theory?

Man! I should have known you’d swoop in for the rescue!

The conference is actually 10 miles away from the Youth Hostel. Perhaps we’ll stay in the hotel for the conference and then head to the hostel for the rest of our stay. That may be best.

I’m busy of course, but living with the bf this summer which is… amazing. A. Mazing. How on earth can I head back to NYC?

How are you?!

Glad to hear that things with the bf are still going strong! I’m still getting settled in my post-dissertation life, which still feels kind of empty. I’m applying for a crappy part-time position at my university, hoping that they will offer me a better, full-time position in a few months when they have enough money for it. The good news is, today we started compiling the paperwork we’ll need for our future elopement, YAY!

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