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Weekly Recap (Weeklap?)

Another week, another several dozen posts in the bag. Since we do so many TV recaps around here, someone suggested that the Weekly Round-up be called the Weekly Recap instead. I thought that was a great idea. Oh, and if the Weekly Recap recaps recaps, is it the Recap Recap? Now I’m getting to a point where “recap” no longer looks like a word.

That’s probably a sign that it’s time to cut to the chase and pull out a few choice posts from this past week. Drink “˜em in.

Feel The Burn ““ Sally J. has been chronicling her experience with the 30 Day Shred. Watch her suffer; it’s kind of fun.

Frisky Feminism ““ Paperispatient reviewed an up-and-coming sex magazine.

Olds ““ Selena assured us that getting older has its perks.

New Idol ““ Golda’s piece on Velvet D’Amour introduced many of us to this awesome woman for the first time.

Dixie Kitchen ““ Nanna took us on a musical journey as she made drie-in-de-pan while rocking out to the Dixie Chicks.

Let’s Get Nutty ““ Catherine can’t stop talking about Roseanne’s Nuts

Navel Gazing ““ And, since we’re such givers, we’ve introduced the semi-regular, semi-alarming feature Editorial Email Theatre.

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