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Weekly Recap

It was a short week this week, thanks to the 4th of July, but there was no shortage of great stuff up in Persephone. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Dear PP: Coco wrote an awesome open letter to Planned Parenthood; a must read for anyone who cares about reproductive rights.

Sweet Sounds: Teri told us all about her favorite new artist, Lykke Li.

Spoil Her: Jordan gave her point of view on the topic of “spoilers.” Spoiler alert: she is pro-spoiler!

Who Are You?: Selena breaks down the results of the recent reader survey.

California Nightmarin’: Ailanthus discussed the issue of invisible farm workers in the wake of the California governor’s recent veto of a measure that would allow farm worker unionization.

Ladies Be Blogging: Coco (hey, she was on this week) showed us some other LBs worth checking out.

Sing Sing: So is BaseballChica the only one who’s mom sang her an unusual lullaby?

Geeks Rejoice: Kym celebrates her delightfully nerdy husband.

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