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When Childhood Fun Becomes Art

As I’ve made the rounds of craft fairs this summer, I’ve noticed a new trend in handmade jewelry: Shrinky-Dinks.  This may not be new to you; trends seem to migrate from town to town, so what’s new to me may be old to you and vice versa. I had seen a few examples of Shrinky-Dink art before this summer, but not to the degree I saw at the Indie Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis last month. There were at least three separate booths specializing in hand-colored shrunken plastic charms, and let me tell you, these ain’t the Dinks you remember. They range from whimsical to full-blown art.

Every Day's a Rainy Day necklace
Retro Pin Up Girl with Flowers pendant
Abstract Wing Pendant
Alouette Plastic Rings

When you think about it, it is an awesome medium for art jewelry. They offer a completely blank canvas as far as size, shape and detail. An artist can draw whatever they like, stick it in the oven and, ta-da! Instant jewelry. You don’t need special equipment or training, just a little experimentation and lots of colored pencils. Plastic has never really been considered “classy” but it’s looking like Shrinky-Dinks could change that.

All photos from Etsy, each is linked to the artist’s shop page.


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